The SteemSavvy Sunday Session - PalNet, SportsTalkSocial...A View Of Things To Come!

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If you even take a day off of Steem, you can miss so much....

Case in point all the amazing things taking place on Steem Engine!

From PalNet to SportsTalk Social....This is such an exciting time to be involved with the blockchain...

And oh ya.....Bitcoin blew past $10,000 this weekend too LOL

New to STEEM? We wanna help you @SteemSavvy


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I called it, another project similar to PALNet. Hashtags finally have some use now. This is just fantastic!

It's very exciting. This is just the beginning :)

I see each platform possibly further distancing itself from Steemit by changing their UI some. Then again, maybe now. Everyone is pretty comfortable with how things are laid out and the ease of use of the Steemit UI. I’m sure some will adjust at least. I’m already loving the simple color differneces of each one.

Oh for sure...I think that was the original vision of have each community, tokenized.

This vision is finally losing the mysterious fog around it. Community tokenization is upon us, very well much underway.

We are going to get so much project right now on STEEM blockchain . The things us BTC at around 10500 and let's see when next ALT season will come what will be price of STEEM exited to see it.

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Yeah I like the growth right now...Slow and steady...Alt's are next for sure

Really excited about SportsTalkSocial

It's brilliant. We did our first show using the tag last night on the Sports Nerd show.

Great to be able to participate tonight.

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Loved having you man, thanks for taking part

great show looks good on face book as well. Lets hope having the show there will get a few more folks interested in steem from watching. Monday session for the show sounds good might get more folks watching live.

Yeah Monday might pull some more people, and I really wanna tune into the PAl show on Sunday nights. lol

I am in the final weeks of testing and I barely am able to keep up with all that is happening on this chain. this help me catch up thanks a lot!!

Glad it helps :) Yeah it's crazy how much stuff is going on...

This SportsTalkSocial looks like a perfect fit for @the-sports-nerd! I hope that he will use the power of the tokens!
Nice to see @mytechtrail... Jon, you were lucky to have him to chat :)

And about the time of the show... Please put it BEFORE sportsnerd's show.. :) It would be better for Europe people... We are not so tiny population... ;)

ha ha ha ha ha My schedule isn't very forgiving for European time zones these days lol

I'm a little behind on news apparently. I just read this morning about SportsTalkSocial. Now, that's a big niche! SCOTs will take off. Hopefully Steem-Engine is mature enough to handle the potential growth that's coming.

So, you're relaunching CTP? Right now I don't see anything crypto related in its training. But maybe you haven't included it yet, you're still working in the backend.'s going to play a HUGE part in the relaunch of CTP :)

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I need to check out that Sports Talk Social. Thanks for the heads up, Jon !

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Nah, STEEM is staying steady.....It's been around 40 cents now for a bit....I love it, I hope it stays lower for a while longer so I can buy more lol

So true