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RE: By the end of this week I will be a SportsTalk Orca (277,000 SPORTS)

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And I thought I was doing good at 35k LOLOL


That’s 35k more than the people who have never been on Sports Talk. So you’re killing it in my eyes.

I was posting a solid article everyday for over a week, but with all of the different tribes it’s hard to focus on just one. Be on the lookout for DPorn, the next tribe to launch. And honestly probably gonna be huge just like sports talk.

ha ha ha the last thing i need my my married life is dporn lol but ya. it’s gonna be big.

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Uh oh, the tightly woven strings that are monogamy.
Well perhaps you better just set your auto votes up before the website goes live 🤣😂

I hear ya though, DPorn will be a blessing to some and a curse for others.

ha ha ha yeah man. but i know it’ll be a success. perfect avenue for these token projects.

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