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RE: By the end of this week I will be a SportsTalk Orca (277,000 SPORTS)

in #dtube2 years ago

what an amazing peat buddy, I subscribed to your channel on sports tube hope to see more of your future posts


Thanks a bunch! I aim to have some new blogs uploaded very soon.
Until then, I think of my best #sportstalk articles was my first one. A satirical piece on James Harden.

What??? hahaha Rick Ross looks like James Harden on a multiverse hahaha you got me there, unusual articles I think youre the only one did this kind of article here on steemit lol.

I have no voting weight just yet I just started maybe 5 or 6 days ago but anyway hope I can support your next articles after i powered up.

The similarity is just too close!

Just stop by and comment if you enjoy my posts. That’s good enough not me. Don’t worry about having a low vote weight. I gave you a follow and will upvote more of your posts in the future.

Thanks actually this is the first time I enjoyed reading an article here on sportstalk hahahaha realtalk, this kind of stuffs usually are seen on facebook or just shared by someone. I gave you a follow too and right now Im browsing your page

I appreciate your honesty. I know some post links only, I prefer to make mine a little more unique.

Facebook has lost me, I’m deep into Steem. All the different tribes make it easy for me to navigate now.

Hopefully you find some more cool stuff on my blog.