Cats and Dogs school play!

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My daughter had her school play tonight and did absolutely amazing! I'm so proud of her. She played a dog which is the bunch on the right. She was on the top row, 4th from the left. I am so proud of my little girl, I can't even express how much! I hope everyone enjoys and has a wonderful evening!!

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How sweet thanks for sharing

Thank you for checking it out! I'm a very proud dad that's for sure!!

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understandably my friend ;)

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That was such a sweet video! Thank you so much for sharing it and you should be proud of her! They did a great job!

I can only imagine how much practice that took to get them going in the right direction! Kudos to the teachers! I hope you and your family have a wonderful day!


Thank you very much. She was super excited for me to go. Long story short, her mom and I don't get along very well and in not given the opportunity to be there for her like she wants. So when I do get to go to her activities, it's a super special occasion. Hopefully the state will do the right thing soon and give her a 50/50 custodial agreement soon. She deserves to have both of her parents, regardless of how we feel towards eachother. The last song they sang struck me with that really hard. Problem is if it got to her mom.. Anyways, thank you again and have a wonderful day!!

You too and I hope in the end (especially for your little girl) that your exwife can put aside her personal feelings and give your daughter the best of both of you. She would be the clear winner in it all.

Good luck!! I know it must be a hard place to be standing!

Thank you so much. I really appreciate your kind words and your good will towards my daughter. You're very right though, in the end it's supposed to be about my daughter. Not how I feel nor her mother. I wish she would see that without the need for courts or judges. It has been very hard, but it's not about me. It's all for my sweet little angel. Thank you again!!

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That's awesome! It's always so much fun to watch the little ones do what they do. Thanks so much for sharing!

It really is! She always puts a big smile on my face. Thank you for watching!!

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