Steem for Tricks | A Skateboarding Challenge

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What's up everyone?

Today's #steemskate video is one of the best till now. An epic collaboration between me and our 2 youngest community members, @dikayskate and @zagorosioss.

I met the new gen #steemskaters at the local skate park of Ioannina city and I wanted to motivate them to learn new tricks so I invited them in a challenge called "Steem for Tricks". Steem is a cryptocurrency and the currency of the Steem platform which can be exchanged for real money. So you can also say I challenged the youngsters to a "Cash for Tricks" contest.
What happened? Check out my video and find out.

Thank you all for watching and supporting me my friends, means a lot. If you want to see more skateboarding action check out #steemskate , our skate community in which you actually own your content and earn money for it!
Link bellow :
Much love and #SKATEFORLIFE

Music : Stixchampion - Lunchtime Hustle

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Teach the Youth! Awesome Bro :)

Thanks bro! Always trying to be the best example for the young generation!

This is an awesome concept for introducing people to Steem while making some cool content.

Thanks Patrick. I am sure the boys enjoyed the skate session.
Right @dikayskate , @zagorisioss?

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We sure did👊

You killed it bro! That Indy was awesome!

Yeah G sick session, soon we come with new tricks brother, I will also motivate my friend ramon, to propose tricks.

Yeah G, go for it! Motivating someone to learn new tricks feels awesome, you know that!

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