Warm up Manuals and a Tall Rail

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What's up everyone? Welcome to my channel.

Yesterday me and the crew drove to Ioannina university to enjoy this sunny day with some street skating. We skated a spot called "Karolos" and after stacking a bunch of manual clips I decided to try a rail I've been thinking of trying for some time now. I am not really into rail skating so I was scared at first but once I did a couple of tries I got the hang of it and started attacking with full force.
Click play and enjoy today's vlog guys!

Thank you all for watching and supporting me my friends and if you want to see more skateboarding check out our awesome community on Steem called "Steemskate" in which you actually own your content and getting paid for it.
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Much love to everyone and have fun.

Music : Steemskate by @stickchumpion

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Bro this manual pack looking so fucking good bro! really, and Big fs board shove it out wtf? always killing.

Thanks bro! I think I can try a kickflip fs board next time. Maybe I have the pop but I lack the will to stay on the kickflip. It's very scary