Flatground Skateboarding in a Small Area?!?!

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Yo, what's up everyone?

It's been raining all day today in Ioannina city and as you understand not anyone wants to go #skateboarding while it's raining but on the other hand I wasn't feeling like sitting home after drinking my morning coffee.
Lucky me, there is a school right next to my house which is perfect for rainy days like today. I haven't skated that spot for some time now and when I got there I realised that it was much smaller than I remember. It was like 3.5m x 1.5 m LOL! Well, since I was already there I challenged myself to land as many flatground tricks as I can! What happened?
Click play and find out!

Thank you all for watching and supporting me my friends, means a lot. If you want to see more skateboarding action check out #steemskate , our skate community in which you actually own your content and earn money for it!
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Much love and #SKATEFORLIFE

Music by my homie SiNTROM413

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So sick bro! Amazing you got an edit out of that small space!!
Also love the editing, the zoom in bits and the slow mo stuff was spot on!

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Thanks Mark! It was very fun and really challenging! Very hard to do Nolie and Sw Tricks cause I don't really have quick feet.
Should I change the title for "Small Area" to "Small Space"? I searched through the internet for the correct sentence but I couldn't decide between the words area and space!

Those are some sick kickflips dude!

Thanks @lorneroo. Are you into skateboarding ?

Yes man, I was skateboarding as a teenager, now I'm too rusty as a 30 year-old man who gave up many years ago. But your clips always get me hyped up. Keep rocking!

Thanks for your words, means a lot! I am 28 but I don't plan on stopping soon! As long as my body can take the impacts I guess! HEheeheeh

No problem man, it's the truth. You've got some serious skills. But take care of your joints and never stop exercising. I have too many injuries, and it's the only thing that remains once your good physique is gone.

#posh it

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Broo all tricks very smooth, sw fs heelfip WTF? very clean, good session my G , flatground master. OH SENSEI!

Hahahaha! We have some unfinished flatground business G! Can't wit to play a game of S.K.A.T.E with you bro!