"fTR_Crew Labs" Edit #10

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What's up people?

This is the final #fTR_Crew Labs edit and it's a really awesome one too! Alexjay, Thanos, Papadog and Yiannis Dinos meet up for a street skating adventure and get some really good tricks down a road gap!

Thank you all for watching and supoprting me guys. I hope you enjoyed the "fTR_Crew Labs" Series and I would really love to hear your thoughts about the footage and the editis.
fT_Crew is crew from Greece which is made up from people who love skateboarding. We have been active since 2007 and we don't plan on stopping soon.

Also take a look at our skateboarding community on Steem called "Steemskate" in which you actually own your content (not like Youtube who can shut your channel down without warning) and get paid for sharing it!
Here is the link :

Much love to everyone and stay safe.

I do not own the music. All rights belong to the original creators.

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Hey, @knowhow92, I'll be in Athens during the weekend. Do you know any Steemians there?

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I know some Greek Steemians but I do not know the city they live in. Maybe @mindtrap can help. I think he lives in Athens.
Too bad I can't make it man. It's a 5-hours drive from the city I live and I have some business to take care of.

Thank you so much for your assistance! I contacted him.

Steem on!