D.Tube Plays : Splinterlands The Big Run Part 3

in #dtubelast year (edited)
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Great video! Drop your Splinterlands post link from now on in the @sm-post-promotion channel to receive a upvote from Steem Monsters. I will give this a SM upvote tomorrow morning!

Ok, didn't know about that. But I'll get deeper into it asap.

Btw. did you have a !BEER already today? Cheers!

--- fail ---

You cannot sent token to yourself.

Btw. did you have a !BEER already today? Cheers!

Hey @clove71, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

hahaha!! You kept saying The Chick Level 2!!!

We'd love to comment on some Games other did play, if you have some nice and close games. Shoot me the links! We will record today in the afternoon again.

Well Splinterlands has so much potential is creating great casts and MEME stuff, we have to start using that.

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