Skating with the iSolar Crew!

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Good Day Steemskaters and Steemit people!

Here is a little edit from our session yesterday. I skated with TJ and his iSolar crew and it was a blast. I haven’t skated with them for a while and it was great seeing them again. The weather is chill and we skated from 2:30pm up to 5:30pm, I had to go home early because I have work the next day.

We tried to experiment with the filming by doing one trick and relay it to another to do another one, it is a great idea and the results are very cool. It was fun doing it and every guy gets to commit to the trick to complete the sequence.

I had a great time skating this day, hope you enjoy watching!

All videos are mine, taken by Tj’s iSolar crew with the GoProhero7 and I put it together on the videoleap app, the song is on YouTube’s list of songs titled “Ommisions” by Hum-Hums


P.S. Teamwork works! PEACE!!

For more Skateboarding Content, Photographs, Videos, Skate Blogs and Vlogs please visit my profile at I also have travel blogs and other stuff there, enjoy!

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Dude TJ just Crooked? I can see his progression and it's so amazing! Hell yeah.
Loved the back to back lines! You never miss a 50-50 on that flat bar bro. I am so scared of doing them!

Thanks man for the comments! That was a noseslide though, he can do crooks also!
Hahaha I needed to be consistent so that we can finish the sequence, can’t let the crew down. Haha

He definitely K-grinded at 2:59 dude!
Hope you have more time and share more footage bro! The clips are looking so good from that GoPro 7

Hahaha just watched it again. It sure is a k grind. I was wrong, my eyes are probably tired from editing. I’ve been planning on skating more with Tj’s crew, filming with them is fun and relaxing as you can see on the video we were having a great time.

Awesome skate edit as always Mark!
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thanks for the comment!

These skaters is very good and this filmer is profesional filmer.
Perfect job to everyone.
You are really good.

thank you @dikayskate!

Hi mark0318,

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It's nice to see young people having a good time. Exercising is very good, and exploring your potential and creativity with skateboarding is the ultimate. Greetings @mark0318

thank you @marcybetancourt! skateboarding is a great exercise and takes away some of the stresses of work!

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