First video curation for sports talk

in #dtubelast year (edited)

Welcome to my 2nd Video. Putting in the work for my Sports Talk blog and having a lot of fun.

For the first time I video curate content. Today I feature @rezoanulvibes and @battleaxe.

Show you support, its truly appreciated.


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Well done. I support you my friend. I agree that comments are the same as posts. Mini-posts if you will.

It is kind of like when someone tells a story at a party, or comparatively the post, and everyone listens to (reads) it.

Then, when the story is finished, people talk about it, comment on it, and speak to the story teller about his work.

One has a start, a progression and an end (the post) and maybe applause (the votes/thumbs up). People who comment are telling short stories related to that story and some of them may even get applause from people who agree heavily with the comment.

There are 18 to 25 users that I don't know who always vote on my comments. Not sure why, but I know I always write from the heart after reading or watching their content. So, what you are saying does work.

What can I say? this is a a great honor. You taught me Steemit. You were patient, you did see me leaving and coming back many times.

You allowed me to translate one of your posts that explained me how so many specific things could change everything (

I still have a lot to learn, thanks for walking with me my friend.

Thank you and I really appreciate it! It's really well done and think it's next level for Sports Talk which I LOVE. You nailed it and am very happy to support this initiative.
you rock

You rock even more! But I need you, We need everyone who is participating in Sportstalk. We can build something. #letsdothistogether

This is such a good idea @neri0x

Hey thanks a lot @oxygen02. I just followed you. #letsdothistogether


Awesome video with great production quality! What a cool idea. Great job!

I really really appreciate this, took me around 20 hours. I am a newbie on videos but I think this platform deserves my best effort. #letsdothistogether

We see different ways of curating content on Steem blockchain. But curating content and talking about it on the video is something that takes manual curation to a new level. That's a great initiative indeed! Keep up the great work, @neri0x!

Thanks my friend. Ill definitely keep going. I try my best always. Take care.

resteemed, you have great energy :)

You are so nice to me! I will work harder!

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