Bauer leads Reds to 5-2 win in home debut | Cubs-Reds Game Highlights 8/9/19

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Last night the Cincinnati Reds took on the Chicago Cubs at home in Great American Ballpark. This was Trevor Bauer's first appearance on the mound for the Reds and something my friends and I wanted to experience so we decided to leave directly after work to head up to Cincinnati for the game.

We missed the 1st innings so we didn't see the Cubbies score their first run. I'm ok with that. As we came in the game was just moving into the bottom of the second. VanMeter steps up with a double followed by Aquino's homer bringing the Red Legs back on top.

Bauer continued dealing as we watched through the third. In Cincinnati if the Reds strikeout 11 batters then you get free pizza from La Rosas so we were already over half way there by the time we were really getting settled into our seats.

Suarez continued to be hot as he stepped up in the bottom of the 4th to drop a solo shot. Can you believe the Reds picked him up on an even trade for Alfredo Simon? The guy has been a huge piece of this team.

Another huge piece to the Reds stepped up in the bottom of the 6th. Joey Votto blasted another solo homer at 416th feet. Joey continues to climb back from his slump this season but seeing him continue to find the ball is very encouraging for our Wildcard chase.

Trevor Bauer continued dealing and in the top of the 7th sent Reds fans home with a free slice of pizza as he sat down his 11th batter. This was quite the rebound from his first start as a Red on the road. I was impressed with his fight when situations weren't leaning in his favor.

The Reds added a bit of more insurance when Nick Senzel crossed home off a blooper into center to by Peraza. It'd be needed when the Reds loaded up bases under Michael Lorenzon. He'd be replaced by Amir Garrett who'd end up plunking a runner in but fighting through the inning to end up picking up the win.


Condensed Game: Trevor Bauer allowed just one run and struck out 11 batters through seven innings, leading the Reds to a 5-2 win over the Cubs

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Now I have my streaming TV set up I need to start finding these games. I never know what is on and need to be more organised. We never had baseball or many American sports on the normal set up and have been out of the loop for years.

Great highlight beru