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Well said! Good luck to you in the election. Having seen abuse on various other platforms I appreciate what you are doing here.


Cheers Bozz!

You mean a cohesive team that checks in a lot? not little splinter groups, what a mind blowing concept! ;) good luck, doubt you'll need it though

Yeah, groups of at least 5 I guess :)

Rotating the refs should hopefully mean more activity?

I can already guess who is already 'in' like Nostradamus! lol
See who else comes forward or has the eggs or balls too, or people running , transparency, if there are cliques which there are because it's natural in human nature then people should know who is who
I'd put my support behind someone like you even if I don't agree with everything that's life. My opinion is that the 540,000 sports paid to each ref (there are 9) should be burned to null and it should be a very volunteer position as those doing it should garner support from the community or be ousted based on that.
The refs absolutely should be rapidly rotated, it hopefully is going to be a diff scenario and not one where any one group on here feels ganged up on even if it's b.s. or not.
See who is willing to do this for free, Many might find it interesting to see who is willing to burn it to null, I would if I was running but I'm not.
If I change my mind though I'll just buy a spot since it's stake based. DPOS is a bad move imho. If it is that though then it's pretty easy to see most of who is in, just look at females and males in rich list spots ffs, op/ed only
Long reply but think you actually coming out as your number speaks more of you then what's been going on. :) ;)

I did it for free for a while, but it is pretty hard going when the hour or two spent scripting, searching, and down-voting could be spent producing 2/3 average posts for 100k+

540,000 is a lot, particularly to refs who do very little. Make it performance related (DV count?) and that could lead to flag abuse.

The system can likely be changed at will, so let's see what happens and then voice concerns with something to back them up with.

he he