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I think it is pretty cool what the STS teams is doing to ensure that everyone can be a bit happier about the way that things are going in terms of referees on the platform. Allowing everyone to cast their vote should be a big step forward in helping each staked member feel like they have a voice in the platform.

I know I am pretty new to the platform, but I have been on Steemit for close to two years now. I have consistently been publishing good content on a variety of subjects. Occasionally, one of those subjects was sports, so it only made sense that I would start participating on STS.

Through my time on Steemit, I have come to understand what makes up "good content" and I have also established a firm grasp on what others consider crap content or abuse.

For the past month and a half I have been working hard as referee 9 to help make this a great place for everyone. There have been some growing pains along the way, but I think my track record lately shows that I have begun to understand what is acceptable here and what is not.

As a referee, I sometimes have to set aside my opinions about what I clearly see as abuse and focus on "bigger fish" that are blatantly abusing the platform. I do my best to use discernment and my best judgement while still listening to the community.

There was some debate about trying to stay anonymous or revealing who we are as referees. I feel that transparency is paramount and has been constant request among the community. Therefore, if you choose to vote for me, please cast your vote for referee9. I may not comment all the time in the general and replay sections of Discord, but I do read them and I will take seriously any concerns that are brought up there.

Thank you.

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just saw this! Congrats on "coming out" ;) featuring you in my upcoming post, I feel transparency moving forward is paramount in the elections (that I'm not running in but already know who I could swing with quite a bit if only I STAKED IT ALL, which is what i really think a lot of this is about ;))
good luck my friend, I think you're a good dude for what it's worth

Thanks, I appreciate it!