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very nice post boss @abh12345.sports. There is a need of manual creator to stop abusing the voting.

but self voting is not wrong, as many whales says in their blog. I have read many articles on this topic in steemit itself. Though still am not sure, whether is legal or not.

Refree should also try to find the plagiarism content and punish them with downvote. In most of the cases even we can understand that the user is creating the scam in the platform.

Also there are many article with is commented by @steem.cleaner. which shows the user is not authenticated.


Self voting is allowed, period. Selling and buying as you see fit is allowed, staking or unstaking or not staking is allowed, how others deal with it is on them but it is allowed and most are not going to splice atoms over it. Now if someone is taking out 150k or has 15 accounts doing it on something saying two words most humans would agree that's farked!
ABH uses his own stake on some blinding examples so that's commendable. He does research and "came out" so I mean of the refs who are obviously known, I think he has rather bigger cajones. It would be nice to see some with other skill sets and languages perhaps assuage some of the FUD and such without over or under moderating. My one Pesito

Thank you for the details information.

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my pleasure, feels a bit chaotic at times so figured would clear up any confusion that any users have on any 'level'. Have a great day, glad to help :)

Thank you