I Pledge To Become A Sportstalk Referee

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Sportstalk is a promising platform that has a lot of potentials to turn our lives around. Although it's still a little bit undervalued at the moment but I trust that it's going to do well when everything is put in place and also when there's a new wave of crypto adoption

Since the inception of tribes, Sportstalksocial has proven to be one of the best, if not even the best tribe among all tribes. We can also agree with the fact that user interaction on Sportstalk is genuine because sports in general is an interactive niche

I've been on this platform barely two weeks after its launch and I must confess that it has been a wonderful experience. I've grown to this level through consistency and dedication. Not only that, I've also contributed to the growth of this platform by promoting it not on my social page but I've preached it to almost every sports fan I have as friends

To give Sportstalk and the Sports token more value, we need to try our best to prevent the coin from getting into the hands of the enemies of this platform. Those who use dubious measures to accumulate the coin and take it to the market to crash it

We need to fight and reduce the menace of vices such as plagiarism, farming, self-comment voting, racism, hate speech, and many other vices that could hamper the progress of this platform

I, Tosyne2much, declare my interest in working as a Referee for the betterment of this platform. Although, I might have violated the rules of the platform at a point but I believe no one is completely faultless.

I'm approachable, easy going and I have a good interaction skills with people. If I find any user trying to hamper the growth of this platform through abuse, I'm going to use my referee account @tosyne2ref to downvote such user

This introductory post is part of the fulfillment to become a referee, so if you think I'm worthy of being a referee, please never hesitate to vote @tosyne2much on the election site 👇👇


My discord server ID is Tosyne2much#6327



I wholeheartedly endorse the candidacy of @Tosyne2much. He's one of those that have demonstrated undying love for the platform. I was once in a whatsaap group with @Tosyne2much where recovering investment is the key message of the members. This was in the early days of sportstalksocial.com.

The only vocal voice that protested against selling whatever one earns was @Tosyne2much. When the creator of the group refused the advice, @Tosyne2much did not waste time in leaving the group. And i later followed suit.

Folks with such stands deserve referee appointments even without election. Others in this regards include @abh12345, @battleaxe, @ericwilson, @razackpulo.sports and very notably @talesfrmthecrypt.

With that being said, I would also like to know how to go about voting candidates as i am finding it difficult to do that using my android phone.


That's great that you are there in the refree list. All the best for that. But Sports talk social is not undervaluedi think.
Every day the no of users and posts is increasing, it's an indication that more and more people are finding the platform useful.

But definitely it has to grow even more and will be the best platform in the world, as far as sport blogs are published

I also support the ideal of him becoming sportssocial referee, am speechless about this humble dude, his vibe for the platform is second to non, i would recommend him more than 100x.

You already have my voted bro.