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I don't have this problem with the Autocorrect function, because my phones language is set to German, and sometimes it autocorrects correct written English words into a German word, which means something completely different of course, but these misscorrections are easy to see and to correct again ;)

And because I am no native English speaker, I try to write as correct as possible and read my writings once again, before I press "post" ;)


Oh, yes!!! The different language problem is actually a little funny. I am guilty of not rereading things as I am most often on a time constraint. I do need to slow down a bit and take notice of these. It is embarrassing to call myself educated and then have Kindergarten mistakes in spelling. :)

Whenever I read phone messages or e-mails of other people and colleagues, often I can only shake my head over the spelling and grammar that these highly educated people send.
But I never mind as long as I can read it. It wouldn't make any difference, if I did mind ;)

With English it's different, and I really do not care about the grammar when I read comments from other non native English speakers, to say it nice ;)
But I like correct English because I learn from you: yesterday I learned the Redneck word "dang" - guess from whom? :) lol

Did I really use the word dang??

I hope not!

I normally do not use Redneck expressions like that unless I am making a point. Well, I can only plead ignorance at the moment. With that word, it is often used in the place of a lesser acceptable word in public. Although, in private, it sounds just as vulgar to me. ;)

I am hopeful off to catch a sunset or two. It looks like it should be a pretty one tonight. I hope your day went well and wish you a wonderful week ahead!

Good morning, Denise,

no, it wasn't you, it was the Engagement League Legend, snake shooting @janton ;)

But to me this word doesn't sound bad or vulgar. To me it's just a dialect word, like we have different dielects from valley to valley, and some dialects use words, which I wouldn't say in public, just because they sound vulgar to me ;)

Your new week will start soon too, and I wish you a great week too. Mine has started with beautiful summer weather and a day off :)