Is this a sport?

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This argument probably never gets old. Are esports a sport?

Wikipedia has this to say

"The word "sport" comes from the Old French desport meaning "leisure", with the oldest definition in English from around 1300 being "anything humans find amusing or entertaining"

With this definition it is certainly a sport.

But everyone likes to have his own definition.

I always thought it is something where you can get better through training. This would make things like drawing, writing and cooking a sport as well though. So it is not really fitting.

Back to wikipedia

"SportAccord uses the following criteria, determining that a sport should:

  • have an element of competition
  • be in no way harmful to any living creature
  • not rely on equipment provided by a single supplier (excluding proprietary games such as arena football)
  • not rely on any "luck" element specifically designed into the sport.

They also recognise that sport can be primarily physical (such as rugby or athletics), primarily mind (such as chess or Go), predominantly motorised (such as Formula 1 or powerboating), primarily co-ordination (such as billiard sports), or primarily animal-supported (such as equestrian sport)."

With this definition esport is certainly a sport.

It is a competition and it is a game for the mind and coordination.

The prize pool for certain tournaments is just bat shit crazy

Payouts for the first half of 2019


One more time wikipedia

The inclusion of mind sports within sport definitions has not been universally accepted, leading to legal challenges from governing bodies in regards to being denied funding available to sports.[11]

Whilst SportAccord recognises a small number of mind sports, it is not open to admitting any further mind sports.
There has been an increase in the application of the term "sport" to a wider set of non-physical challenges such as video games, also called esports, especially due to the large scale of participation and organised competition, but these are not widely recognised by mainstream sports organisations.

According to Council of Europe, European Sports Charter, article 2.i, "'Sport' means all forms of physical activity which, through casual or organised participation, aim at expressing or improving physical fitness and mental well-being, forming social relationships or obtaining results in competition at all levels."

So if you believe esports are not a sport you are not alone.

Personally I believe esports are a sport. I was playing Starcraft 2 for a while not on any kind of Top level but was watching the tournaments etc.

The life of a pro is very demanding and they do a lot to reach those top levels.

I dont think every video game should be considered an esport but if you dismiss all to just clicking a couple of buttons really fast you do it no justice.

What is your opinion? Do you consider esport as an legit sport? What about chess and dart?

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It is a sport but sometimes I marvel at the prize pool set down for these export games. Sounds crazy

hte prize pools are crazy for sure

I have to admit i thought it was a bit strange that it got categorized a sport but in the end it doesn't really matter because the world is all about supply and demand.

I remember years ago where Pepsi had an advert that featured the "world's greatest athletes" and a Nascar driver was one of the athletes and I thought that was strange. I think it was Jeff Gordon. Is he talented? Absolutely... is he a world-class athlete. I think not... and the same applies to these e-sports fellas but again.... it doesn't matter.

For me personally, i would much rather watch E-sports than regular sports any day.

There are not many sports I enjoy watching especially without friends.

But when I was really into Starcraft I could watch that all day.

If you look at dart, billard or Sports like this the people dont really look like professional athlets.

I think this discussion will never end and especially for older people it is hard to grasp that something like this even gets the tag sport by some.

At the end of the day it doesnt really matter like you said.

This is an interesting point of discussion. For me to consider an event sporting activity, it has to have the characteristic of ensuring and encouraging the physical training/fitness of the player i.e must require a level of physical fitness. Looking at esports and board games, they mostly lack this characteristic, so I don't consider a legit sport.

whats your opinion about horseracing or motorsports?

Horseracing a sport? Yes for me, but motorsports for me is a No.

Some grey area here for me!

In the past i would not have considered gaming a sport, even if it involved waggling the joystick like a crazy bastard to make Daley Thompson run faster during his Decathlon :)

But actually, that game made you sweat and was hard work, and so it does at least fill some of the definitions above. There are also those dance-off games and plenty of others that involve physical activity - I think that's where I have trouble with other (board/bored) games being a sport.

Interesting one though and I expect plenty of differing opinions :)

I guess so as well.

What you think about games like dart or billard?

Yes I class these as sports.

You are moving and there is no specialist equipment. And Sky Sports covers both - key factor :)

define esports a physical sport as we know it ... well it is a stretch. But if they have declared it as such ... will it be the sport of the future? mine is then a very bad forecast ... so sad

why bad?

Sad... it is a concept of sport that I do not yet approve 😅

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I have my doubts as well but I think it deserves credit...kind of billard or dart I would even say it is more demanding

Exports are sports because they're basically demanding and technical to an aspect and I believe there are just tiny difference which will not be there in a few years so.

I see it similar as you

I see it similar as you

I believe eSports to be a valid sports but I also agree that not every game can be considered an eSport!

I believe esports is a modern day sport. More technologically advanced type of sport. Both chess and dart are also legit sport

Interesting iinformation.

Yes it is a sport.

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I can accept some of them as a sport due to the competitive nature and large scale events. Not all, but ones with proper competitions. There is a difference with this to just playing a game.

I think eSports can be considered as a real sport. Most of them are proven to have high level of competitiveness within their player pool and I believe that the level of decision making going on is really praise worthy. I used to play Dota 2 and LOL in my younger years and the pro tournaments were as popular as the basketball news in my circle during that time.

I'm all for including esports...but I don't think that is what the creators intended. It seems the other gaming tribes might more of an appropriate spot for esports posts.

well that's something we all can argue all day all life long so its better to just enjoy till the end because its all about enjoying whether its sports or e sports ;) isn't it

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