Navi Vs G2 CS:GO Star Ladder Major Berlin Group Stage match Analys

in esports •  7 months ago 

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Navi VS G2 today you will get to see a very good match inside which the world's best AWPER
Fight of S1mple Vs Kennys, you will get to see in which you can see how much power is there, as you know, both players are not less than anyone, but if we talk about the popular player, then S1mple is very much inside. I'm not talking to

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Kennys here but the account is more popular and who is being talked about in less time that there is going to be a bang group Tejas match in which both players A will be in front of the other and seeing the kind of performance Kennys is doing, it cannot be said that Navi will win this match but they will have to face a very strong AWPER Kennys and see what the result of the match is now. It is just a few months ago that ESL ONE CHICAGO FINALS me G2 brother but could not succeed in defeating Team Liquid but still no one has forgotten the kind of performance he gave and then G2 is back

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There is no doubt inside the match and I am looking forward to watching the match of Kennys VS S1mple now to see what happens next I just have to see whether the G2 manages to defeat the NAVI within this match. No, in whose favor this match will go, we will have to see, today, your wait will be over, you can enjoy this match.

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