The rooftop ramble

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At the moment I am in Penang again to renew my visa for Thailand.


While writting my nonsense I am sitting on the roofbar of my hotel getting a sunburn and wondering if I should by some swim trunks later.


At the moment I am looking more and more into the possibilities of making crypto while I enjoy life.

Of course at the moment everything is a bit discouraging but would we go to the "struggle" if we would not believe it will be worth it at the end? Probably not.

So I try to set myself up to be in a comfortable position when I think it was worth it.

Steem offers a ton of what I am looking for at the moment because I can grow my stack in so many ways and I want to capitalize on that.

Fiat wise...yeah it is what it is but if you believe we have something here and you can see people build prices are insane at the moment to build your stack or to average down.

You can use your Steem to curate, delegate to a ton of different projects which usually pay you some kind of dividend like @steemhunt for example.

Of course there are also many bots to choose from.

While I was a bit hesitant first I also invested a bit into @epicdice to get my share of the daily payouts there.

While the exit scam of magic dice still hurts I am still intrigued by the concept and so far everything works fine and I am confident it will keep like this as the numbers look fine so far.

A lot of burned tokens already, scratching on the crown with the most payed out dividends and still the most tokens to earn.

I am very deep into and I think one of the biggest stakeholders there at the moment.

While I am more curating than posting myself over there I still get a good amount of tokens doing so. It is nice to play whale keep authors engaged and punish abusers.

The price took a dive the last weeks which is "fine" as I felt the price was overvalued quite a bit and will find its true value.

I have committed most of my Steempower to the @sportsvoter bot at the moment which helps burning some tokens and helps me to earn more SPORTS.

But to be honest I kind of miss my power on Steemit and I think after HF 21 I will claim it back. I kind of feel strange doing it now as I dont want it floating through Steemlimbo while the hardfork goes live.

After that I am not sure how I will go on then yet.

Do I want to keep blogging? My trackrecord was kind of bad the last weeks even with curating as my SP hit 100% a couple of times.

Do I want to leverage my SP to build another position somewhere?

For now I just know I want to get ahead financially but also keeping in linie with what I believe is good or at least not hurting Steem.

We shall see...

I am invested in Huobi and their coin HT can pay you in HPT if you are willing to lock your tokens.

As I hold my exchange tokens on the exchange anyway, I have no problem doing so and earn some of those HPT. It is not much but it is more than nothing.

Those HPT tokens can be leveraged even further as you can also invest them in the Huobi mining pool and earn some TRX and EOS. Again not much...but not much is still a lot more than nothing.

Then there is the MCO wallet or now better known as

You can borrow money through their app using your crypto as security. Locking your coins there pays up to 6% p.a. without MCO stake and 8% p.a with.

I am using this service but very cautios as it feels kind of bad giving out your crypto and locking it up....actually felt like bitconnect despite there is no magical money printing trading bot and the returns seem way more substainable.

Then we have my beloved Halo coin and their masternodes. As I host them over their Cloudhosting service I have to do nothing and just click a button once a week to collect my rewards and save up for the next node.

This is also a project were I can say I kind of know what is going on as I am very active following them to keep up to date mostly via the discord server though.

Nothing of those things make me rich overtomorrow but, assuming not all go to zero, they will add up over time which is good in my book.

I am not interested in active trading and way more in leveraging my hodle positions.

There will be a lof of changes coming within the next year with another coins brining their PoS system online switching to PoS.

What do you do?

This is only what I do, a random internet guy and probably you would be better off doing the opposite so this is by no means advice.

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Wow beautiful photos @flipstar. Great to know you have invested in @epicdice. I too hold some tokens and getting rewarded. Great write up ! ☺️

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the last days have been good to us

I'm deeply into sportstalk too, I think the hardfork makes us reshapen our plans towards utilizing our steem power really. In my opinion it's a good thing I hope we won't be so disappointed, it's been a friggin while Man

I am looking forward to the changes. I think it will be good.

Do you have an extra account for sports?

No I don't have an extra account really, I'm using my main account, I was thinking since I was a sport analyst and a Content creator, I should write about sports really, earn and also begin curation, so basically Yeah.

I hope the changes will, it's giving me the chills currently

ewwww. Penang. Although that rooftop terrace does seem pretty nice. Is that in Georgetown?

  ·  last year (edited)

yep I think they bring you here everytime. I kind of like Penang especially Georgtown. Getting here is always a pain but usually it is good fun here

where are they bringing everyone now... the Swiss Inn? Some place down an alley on Chulia Street if i remember correctly.

Georgtown. But I am actually pretty close to the Swiss Inn :-)

I can see it from the rooftop. Slept there a couple of times myself. I am in the same street and yeah they like to bringing the visa run people into that street still

I’ve been loving sportstalk I even purchased a steem account just so my cousin could start posting on it! Trying to get more people involved, im meeting a friend tonight to discuss getting him on sportstalk

Reach one teach one am I right?

I saw your posts, voted a couple of them.

Bring all your friends in the more the better.

Whats your cousins name over there?

His name is @frankjnr forgive him his a Barcelona and Man City fan lol

The one I’m trying to get on tonight is a Liverpool fan

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I really think your investment with @epicdice is a good gamble. You are the most decorated whale there replacing @xyzashu. That's a great investment.

Also, your position with sportstalk is really solid. I commend you for being a good whale at the same time being a bad ass for abusers.

Regarding @sportsvoter, I think the 20% reward pool for delegators is too much and kills the platform. I believe that the best way for sportstalk to gain SP is to apply for a delegation plan and present the sports burning mechanism. In that way, us content creators aren't punished for the 20% decreased in the reward pool to be shared.