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It won't be another story with a happy ending. When I saw the topic of bookmaker betting, suddenly the time went back..

I've been interested in sports since I was a kid. I often played football, then went to the sports class where we played volleyball. I watched night games at nba and all the football games on TV. One day I noticed to send me a coupon with football meetings. I bet on many matches. I did not win anything.
It was the beginning of gambling. I didn't realize what the consequences would be. It was another 4.5 years when I saw sports betting on my friend's computer. Then I decided to make my first deposit. My balance quickly cleared. I paid more money. I was looking for new bookmakers with bonuses. I was looking for information about the strategy of the bookmaker game. I took the money from the payroll by lying to myself and then to my family. In front of the computer I spent a lot of time betting on the results and analyzing strategies. It lasted for years.

Should sports betting be banned?

My answer is NO! Perhaps the wave of criticism will go my way but let's be clear. Everything is for people! For centuries there have been bets on various things and they will stay that way. God created us for sin. There will never be a ban on alcohol, cigarettes. I think the degree of likeness is the same. You are wasting your life. To a greater or lesser degree. People drink a lot of alcohol, smoke cigarettes and live to the age of 80. Everything depends on the psyche. I know that a lot of young people are addicted to gambling, but can't an ordinary "Kowalski" bet on the final of the Champions League? Once a year, three times a year? He wins or loses more times and will not place a bet. This is where the psyche works.

I'm a gambler! He will never recover from it. I learned to live with it and control my emotions. My last bet was on the final Wimbledon. I lost a small bet and didn't try to play any more. I'm not attracted to the bookmaker and the bonuses don't draw my attention. Everything is for people only a shame that not everyone has a resistant psyche.

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