Bangladesh cricket team is heading to India this month.

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Bangladesh will play two Tests and three T20s in India later this month. The series starts with T20. The series will begin on November 3. The Bangladesh team is practicing well for this series. The Premier League of Bangladesh will start before this series. Players from all nationalities of Bangladesh will participate. Soon Bangladesh Cricket Board will announce a five-member team for this series. However, it is reported that he did not go to India long before the series. The reason is the weather in Bangladesh and India, the timing is almost the same. So you have to go longer. Not in any preparation match. So, shortly before the game, Bangladesh cricket team will be there.


Meanwhile, the Pakistan Cricket Board has sent a letter to Bangladesh to play. The series is for Pakistan. For this reason, send a committee to Pakistan to criticize the security of the cricket team in Bangladesh. If they think everything looks like Bangladesh will come here. Then maybe Bangladesh cricket team from India is not in the country and can go to Pakistan from there. If all goes well, I hope that Bangladesh Cricket Team will visit Pakistan by the end of the month.


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