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Hi, I'm new here and would like to introduce myself. My name is Alan and I have a blog, YouTube channel etc which is https://www.computergaga.com.

I am one of those crazy Excel people and I'm here to test it out and hopefully contribute to the community.


Heh... You just got greeted and reblogged by @paulag,the freakiest of all Excel freaks. Be sure to follow her since this is one of your main interests.

Otherwise, welcome to Steem.

"freakiest of all Excel freaks" <<< Love it lol

@alanmurray is an awesome excel peep, creates amazing content and is for sure one of of Excel great networkers and influencers

I'll check his blog. I am not an expert, but I think Excel is a really amazing tool, and every now and then I try to learn something new.

Have you joined the beta community? If not here is a link https://beta.steemit.com/trending/hive-102332

Hum... So this is the "steem communities" I heard about years before but never saw coming to light?

Nice to see there is finally a beta. I will check it out when I reach home.


Welcome onboard @alanmurray. I think all us Excel folk a little crazy so don't feel alone. Thanks for taking part in the beta, I see you found out how to add your profile picture, I was about to reply on linkedin.

It also looks like you selected post to blog when writing this. When you post to blog, it posts to your personal blog and not the community ( yes you can also have a personal blog here). If you want the post to be shown on your blog and within the community, from the community, select New post. No not change the setting to Post to Blog. This will post directly to the community. For it to show on your own blog too, you must share ( on steem we call sharing resteeming. There is a little kinda arrow button beside the reply option at the end of each post, this is the resteem button)

You are not the first to have missed the community with the post. This is great feedback as it needs to be more clear.

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Looks like there is a cool Excel community forming on Steem thanks to @paulag. Have fun with it and good luck.

Imagine we created the most awesome and rewarding Excel community online, wow that would be so cool :-)

Oh would you look at that, a little excel group seems to be forming round these parts! Welcome Alan, pretty sure you’ll take to steemit just fine

It's great to see some other Excel peeps take a look. It be awesome if I can gain some traction in the community. Although after beta I'm not sure if we will stick with the steemit interface

Welcome to Steem. The best blockchain community out there!

Welcome! Glad to have another excel fan here. Look forward to seeing what you’re doing with it. It gets a little hectic but I think you’ll like the Steem community.

ComputerGaga is here :)

Do you know Alan could change your display name and set it to computergaga if he want to 🤓. You can also set your display name to something else

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