First Run of 2020!!!

in #exhaustlast year

I just finished a 4.979km running that lasted about 0hh:28mm:29ss !


First run of the year! Out and about with the infamous @jgrieco!

Felt surprisingly good! Nice to try to keep up with a stronger runner.

Kinda crazy that it's my first run of the year, and it's already February.

What a slacker

Despite all that, I'm actually feeling pretty good about the pace. Was a bit short of breath for a moment, but I'm okay with that -- it'll come back quickly if I keep at it..

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Plan for a short race as a target!!!

Probably signing up for a 10k around easter. Should keep me motivated. Maybe I'll get out for some park-runs as well.

Cheers !BEER .

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Keep on running!

At least you did get out. It seems I am getting payback for all my January running with a cold knocking me out :( Hope to be running again soon.

Ah yeah it's flu season for sure. Lots of people I work with are down and out with a cold, too.

Hope it doesn't set you back! I know I always have a hard time bouncing back from a cold.

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Good job. Impressive pace especially seeing as you haven’t been running this year. Onwards and upwards

Thanks, dude.

I'll admit that I was huffing and puffing pretty hard. Only reason the average pace was that fast was because I needed to keep up with @jgrieco -- the co-op student in our office.

Dude is quick.

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