Staying Active as a Family

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There are many benefits that come along with staying active as a family. Parents can help to model a healthy lifestyle for their children, and staying active together as a group can help bring families closer together, and bring potential health benefits as well.

Some sports that are great to engage in with the family include those such as volleyball, golf, fishing, badminton, and swimming. It might seem difficult at first to plan that time together, but spending those moments with one another, playing and having fun together, truly is priceless.

Past research suggests that staying active can help to boost school performance for kids too.

It provides families with new experiences, bonding opportunities, and potential health benefits. There are many reasons to pursue bonding time with the family, and staying active together is a great way to try and get started.

Past research also indicates that children who stay active when they're young, are more likely to lead a healthy lifestyle as an adult.

Progress Not Perfection

It doesn't have to be perfect and it doesn't have to take a lot of time or money.

Whether it's going for a walk together before dinner, playing baseball in the park on the weekend, going bowling together or for a mid-week swim etc. There are a variety of ways to get creative and to try to schedule that time together, in small ways that can have a big difference.

One previous CBC report investigated the connection between physical activity of that for the parent and child, discovering that as physical activity for the parent increased, so too would physical activity for the child, it would rise at least 5 to 10 minutes for every 20 min increase.

Carving out that time to live a healthy lifestyle and stay active doesn't need to be something that takes away time from the family, it can easily be something that can be done together.

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Oh, yes. It depends on parents so much. My family wasn't active, parents were very tired at work, so at home they wanted to rest not to go in for sports or activities. So I didn't like any activities during many years, and only some years ago when another me was born, I analyzed mistakes, and now I teach myself to be active as much as I can. It is really important for creating our habbits and character.

and it's easy to start making small changes to move in that direction, thanks for your reply !👍👍

@doitvoluntarily You are very right in what you say, when we are children we are more likely to adore lifestyles and we are the father responsible for instilling a sporting life in children
I wish you a happy day

I absolutely agree. I had a ritual of a bike ride after dinner, even when the kids were babies and it continued. Rituals are good too, they build great habits.

I found that if you kept your kids active and busy, without overdoing it, they had less time to get in trouble or have trouble finding them... Idle hands and all. I found football league (or soccer) tennis and my girls even volunteered at a horse barn to muck the stall if they could ride for free. That was a win-win and they loved it.

I agree wholeheartedly!


that's a sweet deal, for free riding!

I was a fat kid when I was younger and I think that it was very much because my parents, especially my father, is very sedentary, never wanted to play football, basketball, catch... any sport at all with me. He would play computer games though, which is great, but I think more physical sporty activities would have been better for my health and my development, but well, now it's too late xD I guess sports aren't for everyone...

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I wish my parents would understand that but it wasn't the case. You're right, I agree with you on that, it helps in many ways.