Fantasy Premier League. Week 1. Results.

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It has been long awaited. The start of the premier league season got underway at the weekend and every team has now kicked off their season in the premier league. There were some high scoring players and needless to say, some of the most expensive signings such as Raheem Sterling , Mahrez and Kane were top of the list this weekend. Here is the team of the week which scored a whooping 142 pts. Couple of surprises in there such as Burnley's Erik Pieters and Ashley Barnes. Maitland-Niles did well for Arsenal with a great assist for their goal.
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Sportstalk Social's leader is The Vardy Party on 99 points.
Here is his team that is currently on top of the Sportstalk Social's league.
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James selected his triple captain this week and picked Kane, Salah and Sterling. A shrewd move and it means he is top of the table after week 1. Well done to him. He has an interesting defence but it was the attack that accumulated so many points for him

We will not talk about who is in last place. Early days yet!!
Word of warning. Most of you guys have Liverpool's Allison Becker as their keeper. He is out for 8 weeks after his was injured kicking the ball out in Liverpools game the weekend.He heard a pop. He said he thought he was hit by something a fan threw at him. It turns out it was his calf. Looking back on the replay he even looked around at the crowd thinking he was hit by an object but it was clear that no-one threw anything at him.
Best of luck in the next round. Don't forget to look up your injuries and maybe use a bench boost or triple captain to boost your teams performance.


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@blanchy.sports, Great to know that this Tournament is kicked off and everything is going good. Unfortunately Provide Code haven't worked in my case and failed to join this contest. Keep up and enjoy your time ahead.

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I dont know why you cannot enter. Did you join try on another browser?

I've tried all the possible ways. Will try few more times. Let's see.

Have a great time ahead.

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Wow Many will be disappointed that Allison is definitely out, I think it's really massive loss in my opinion, however it's Still early days still and I think some players will do well in the fantasy league this season I'm thinking people will start picking up Harry Maguire, lad looks solid

Well the season just began and we would still see more actions to take place.

8 weeks huh. I'm sure some will be tempted to stick Adrian in...

Bottom place is a long way to scroll so i'll just assume it is you :D :D :D

i did me in this one to 😁 1 point above average, not bad for first time 😀

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Your team is not really bad but you will be attempted to change your difference.

Yeah, I'm above average. What a feeling!