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RE: Grandpa Gotta Eat—Food And Sports

in #ffflast year

Steamed vegetables and baked fish for dinner tonight. No college football, no pizza...But I've got Vikings on Netflix to go with my vegetables and fish. Not too bad...But not as good as pizza.

Have a good weekend.

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Hey, @galenkp.

Vikings? That's still a thing? :)

Baked fish and vegetables sounds at once appealing and not, depending on the fish, the vegetables, and ultimately how they are prepared. Not a big fan of fish in general, and while I'll eat steamed vegetables, some kind of sauce or cheese or even lemon juice might help. :)

Cheese sauce tonight. Fish was salmon.

Okay. Salmon, and maybe one or two other kinds, is the fish I like the most, so that's cool, and a cheese sauce pretty much takes care of the vegetables. Well done. :)

It's our go-to meal as it's easy and healthy.