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On this week's edition of Grandpa Gotta Eat, we go inside the meals and the big games they've accompanied over the last couple of weeks.

Are there any college football fans in the house?


I don't think this holla is a thing anymore. Middle age white guy trying to be cool and failing alert.


Sports brings people together, be it in a stadium, an arena, at a pub or sports themed bar or restaurant, and of course, in the comfort of the host's own home.

I've watched sporting events from the stands and I've watched them from the perch of my recliner, and by in large, I prefer the latter.

One of the reasons is pizza. It's hard to beat when trying to feed several adults and children, and also trying to keep the cost down. It can be bought already baked, or it can be brought home and finished up in one's own oven. I've done both, and it really depends on what you like and which of two things is driving the purchase:

  • Cost

  • Taste

A frozen store bought pizza will probably cost you the same as a discounted medium-sized Domino's pizza with two toppings—somewhere in the $5.99 range. But neither of those are big on what they give you in toppings, are generally more crust than anything, and probably aren't that high on the delishometer.

Thankfully, there are more local pizzerias and smaller pizza chains that make a great tasting pizza, but you will end up paying more for it, making that option less desirable week after week.

For most of this football season, the go to was Domino's. It's hard to beat the medium, two topping special for $5.99 USD each. We would typically get three pizzas, which meant for under $18 USD, we were feeding anywhere from four to seven adults, plus a couple of grandkids. I might have actually bought a fourth pizza if there were seven of us just to make sure there was enough. Still, $24 USD is not bad.


A couple of weeks ago, I actually switched to Papa Murphy's, which is a take and bake pizza place. They prepare the pizza, wrap it up, and you take it home to cook it at your leisure.

When our favorite college football team, the Oregon Ducks, played Arizona State two weeks ago, we had three large pizzas that averaged $12 each, or $36. I consider Papa Murphy's a step up in quality and taste, and so the additional $12 over what I would have done with Domino's was worth it, even though I added an additional 40 minutes worth of baking (as opposed to eating it immediately upon arrival).

Against Oregon State last week in the annual Civil War game, I went back to Papa Murphy's but bought four family-sized pizzas for a few more cents than I had the previous week for three smaller pizzas.


Well, Honey, which is an in browser add-on that crawls websites looking for the best deals and coupons, found a 50% off discount for pizzas bought at full-price. That dropped my pizza bill from over $63 to just under $37. That's not quite half, but one of the pizzas was already discounted and so was not apart of this other deal.

That meant four family sized pizzas for an average of a little over $9 each.

The image above is of one of the pizzas I bought for the Civil War game—a family sized stuffed crust pizza, where most of the good stuff is on the inside rather than on top.

This was loaded with ground beef, mushroom and cheese, with a smattering of it and some sauce on top.

In the center of the pizza you can see that it inflated. At one point a few minutes before I took it out of the oven, it was much higher and resembled an under-sized and lopsided sombrero. Fortunately, it went back to looking like a pizza as it cooled.

Each pizza was cut into 12 long pieces, for a total of 48 slices. That means each slice cost somewhere around 75¢. Not too shabby, and everyone seemed to enjoy the pizza.

In case you missed the Civil War outcome, Oregon continued their dominance over their in-state rivals, 24-10.


Tonight, the Ducks played the Utah Utes in the Pac-12 Championship game. Because Oregon had previously lost to Arizona State, 31-28, they were knocked out of contention for a potential National Championship playoff berth. However, on the line for them in tonight's game was the possibility of playing in the Rose Bowl on New Year's Day, while the Utes were now playing for the potential National Championship playoff berth with a win.

The Utes were favored by a touchdown going into the matchup, and at 11-1, were pretty dominant in most of their games, especially over the latter part of the season. Their only loss came to USC earlier in the year when some of Utah's key players were either sidelined or hurt. The Ducks also played the Trojans and more or less blew them up.

Because of Oregon's lackluster outings the last few games, most of the money was riding on the Utes to take care of business and stake their claim for a playoff berth. They couldn't do it alone, however. One of the top four teams—LSU, Ohio State, Clemson, or Georgia, would have to lose in their own conference championship games, and then drop out of the top four for the Utes to be in.

The most likely scenario would be a Georgia loss, since they play LSU tomorrow for the SEC title. A loss by Clemson in the ACC championship game against Virginia would probably do it, too, but Clemson is favored by 28 points in that game, and so Virginia winning is the least likely outcome. LSU or Ohio State losing might drop them a notch or two, but based on their strength of schedule and dominance in most of their games, they're likely to remain in the hunt, no matter what happens.

Confusing? That's college football rankings and playoffs in a nutshell. It actually does start making sense, though, the more you watch and pay attention.

For tonight's game, I think most everyone was pizza-ed out, but that meant I needed to find a low cost substitute, and that's not easy to do. Cooking was an alternative, but who wants to do that before the big game only to turn around and have to clean up afterward?

Not me.

Well, I ended up being bailed out by my daughter-in-law who suggested to my wife that we get Costco hotdogs. Anyone who is familiar with Costco will know what I'm talking about. Here's the deal. You get a much longer than normal hotdog, in a much longer than normal bun, and a medium sized drink for $1.50 each. My youngest son and I were tasked with purchasing seven hotdogs, and then he and I decided to get a huge slice of cheese pizza each, for an additional $1.99.

That meant hotdogs, sodas and pizza for five adults and one child (the daughter-in-law wanted two dogs), for the low, low price of $14.88.

That's right. I paid less than $15 USD to feed five grownups and a two-year-old.

Woot! Woot!

Okay, that hasn't been a thing since the early 2000s. The woots, not saving money.

Now, I'm not a big fan of hotdogs, but when you're hungry, they're pretty good and filling. I'm also not that much into Costco pizza, but when it's hot out of the oven, it's also not so bad. We're not talking gastronomical delicacies here. We're talking quick, filling and cheap, cheap, cheap.

My son and I were able to navigate the Costco parking lot and food court in record time, make it back and essentially eat our pregame meal before the contest started.

Then, we were able to root for our Ducks with maximum vim and vigor, celebrating the high points and suffering through the lows.

Fortunately, there were plenty of highs, and only a middle stretch where the game was in doubt. The Ducks jumped out to an early lead and were up 20-0 going into halftime, but the Utes scored 15 to Oregon's three to come within a touchdown and a two-point conversion at 23-15 heading into the fourth.

Finally, the Ducks were able to pull away by adding two more TDs on long run plays, a 70-yarder and another that was 30-plus to seal the victory at 37-15.

The fact that the Ducks were the underdogs, that the game was nationally televised on ABC, and that Utah is quickly becoming an arch rival, though not quite at the level of Washington yet (in my book, it's already there), made it a very satisfying game.

The Ducks are now Pac-12 champions again and will head to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California to take on whoever the Big 10 Conference ends up sending. The most likely opponent are the Wisconsin Badgers who play Ohio State in their conference championship play.

If so, this will be a rematch of a fairly recent Rose Bowl game (2012) where the Ducks prevailed in the fourth quarter to win a nailbiter, 45-38.

It would be kind of cool to get tickets and watch the game in a huge stadium like the Rose Bowl. However, it's not likely to happen. Not this year. Which means I will be once again rooting for the Ducks from the comforts of my own home, and will also need to come up with something to feed the crew.

Fortunately, I've got nearly four weeks to come up with something.

Thanks for reading.

Until next time...


Images courtesy of Glen Anthony Albrethsen

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Steamed vegetables and baked fish for dinner tonight. No college football, no pizza...But I've got Vikings on Netflix to go with my vegetables and fish. Not too bad...But not as good as pizza.

Have a good weekend.

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Hey, @galenkp.

Vikings? That's still a thing? :)

Baked fish and vegetables sounds at once appealing and not, depending on the fish, the vegetables, and ultimately how they are prepared. Not a big fan of fish in general, and while I'll eat steamed vegetables, some kind of sauce or cheese or even lemon juice might help. :)

Cheese sauce tonight. Fish was salmon.

Okay. Salmon, and maybe one or two other kinds, is the fish I like the most, so that's cool, and a cheese sauce pretty much takes care of the vegetables. Well done. :)

It's our go-to meal as it's easy and healthy.

Looking good.
Don't forget !BEER

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Welcome to #sportstalk Glen :)

The price of food at sporting events is certainly worth discussion and is generally hugely overpriced, and that includes the refreshments.

Have a good weekend :)

Hey, @abh12345.sports

Well, thanks for the welcome. I've nearly created a post or two a couple of times during the season, but as a fan that is more superstitious than I ought to be (and not nearly as fervent as I used to be), I didn't want to jinx anything. As it turns out, the Ducks don't need me talking them up or down. They pretty much do whatever it is they're going to do on their own.

However, food and the price of it seemed like a decent topic to get my sportstalk feet wet with, and since the Ducks won, and won big against the odds, I'm feeling pretty good about it.

Now, they'll probably get clobbered in the Rose Bowl. :) At least there's one more game to watch them play in this year.

The take & bake pizza is a really novel concept, I wondered what it was when I first looked at it but sure looks delicious! That was quite a saving hey!
Sportstalk I can't join in but sounds like you enjoy it as much as my hubby enjoys his football:)

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Hey, @lizelle.

re: take and bake

We don't get it all that often, but they do tend to be cheaper, and just as good, if not better tasting than those that come baked. It really depends on when we're eating and if it's convenient or not.

Yeah, I was pretty pleased with the price. Honey does a pretty decent job of keeping up with price changes, discounts and coupons. It doesn't always have one, but it's cool to have it go through those it finds in the case that something will work.

re: football

Its been a good season, and now it's almost over. We wait three and a half weeks now to watch the next one. :) Well, I'll probably watch some bits and pieces of other games and teams, just to know what's happening, but otherwise, the Ducks' season is almost over. And then it's wait for basically nine months for the next one to start up.


LOL that's how hubby feels about the rugby, very sad it's over but fortunately football's still on;)

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Hey @glenalbrethsen, here is a little bit of BEER from @foodfightfriday for you. Enjoy it!

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Football and pizzas are you kidding me, my family are all sports nuts, My third son dresses up in his giants gear every Sunday, now that he has an 18 month old baby girl, she's dressed to the max too. During baseball season, it's Yankee outfits, really cute.
Have a great week. @glenalbrethsen

Hey, @farm-mom.

Your third son sounds like our oldest. He's usually decked out in Oregon Duck gear (for virtually every occasion), and he's been doing some of the same for his own one-year-old son.

I don't know that we're that much into baseball. I'll watch pro sports now and then, and some college basketball along with the football, but after that, there's not a whole lot that holds my interest anymore. :)

Howdy sir glen! that Papa Murphy's sounds like a great idea. They do regular, finished pizza's too?

Hey, @janton.

Not that I'm aware of. They save time and money by making the pizzas and then letting the customer bake them. I'm not sure if there's an adjustment in recipe or such for home versus commercial ovens, but the crust doesn't typically taste the same, and nor does the sauce.

I like the concept especially if they're good. I wonder if that is a national chain?

Almost. Doesn't seem to be any in the Northeast for some reason, but there appears to be 67 locations throughout Texas alone if my math is correct. :)

oh wow, I'll have to look up locations, thanks!

College sports are the best. I enjoy watching college athletes much more than professionals. They are still playing for the love of the game and not for the stock pile of money thrown at their feet. I don't know if you watch any baseball, but if you do I'm sure you have heard of Gerrit Cole. Last year he pitched for the Dodgers. He became a free agent at the end of the year, and just signed a $324,000,000 contract with the Yankees for 9 years. Now, the average pitcher starts less than 40 games a year, to make the math easy, lets say Cole starts 36 games next year, that's $1,000,000 Per game. I'm sure he is ordering his pies with all of the extra toppings.
This world gets crazier every day @glenalbrethsen

Hey, @thebigsweed.

Does seem like a bit much to play a game, doesn't it?

I've never really had an issue with the money. There are very few people who can do what they do, at the level they do it, and inevitably, there's some kind of injury or sudden decline in abilities, or some other thing that derails them.

Money does seem to change things, though. It's less about playing for the love of the game and for each other, at least it seems like that. I don't know if I'd rather they went back to the days where they got paid hardly anything, though. Maybe somewhere in the middle would be good.

However, as long as people are willing to pay ticket prices, or to watch the games somehow, and those that advertise get something in return for their thousands if not millions of dollars, the whole thing continues on.

Meanwhile, we have the issues throughout society that we continue to have, too, and other professions are paid considerably less that are seemingly much more important. I know I could live without professional sports. Doctors, firemen, police officers—take your pick—it's good to have a few of them around at least. :)

In no way do I resent what they are being paid for the services they provide, they are the gifted of the gifted. I can remember when the Mick signed a contract for $100,000.00 becoming the highest paid baseball player in the history of the game. At the time, some thought that was a ridiculous number.

I guess I'm just getting old and don't get it. You make a great point about the importance of the work other people do, and aren't justly compensated.
You can add teachers to your list.
Thanks for the reply my friend, it's always good to hear from @glenalbrethsen

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