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RE: Grandpa Gotta Eat—Food And Sports

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The take & bake pizza is a really novel concept, I wondered what it was when I first looked at it but sure looks delicious! That was quite a saving hey!
Sportstalk I can't join in but sounds like you enjoy it as much as my hubby enjoys his football:)

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Hey, @lizelle.

re: take and bake

We don't get it all that often, but they do tend to be cheaper, and just as good, if not better tasting than those that come baked. It really depends on when we're eating and if it's convenient or not.

Yeah, I was pretty pleased with the price. Honey does a pretty decent job of keeping up with price changes, discounts and coupons. It doesn't always have one, but it's cool to have it go through those it finds in the case that something will work.

re: football

Its been a good season, and now it's almost over. We wait three and a half weeks now to watch the next one. :) Well, I'll probably watch some bits and pieces of other games and teams, just to know what's happening, but otherwise, the Ducks' season is almost over. And then it's wait for basically nine months for the next one to start up.


LOL that's how hubby feels about the rugby, very sad it's over but fortunately football's still on;)

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