The downside of growing some muscles!

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You probably noticed I wear almost the same gym clothes in my photos. I even got a comment the other day to wear a different outfit.

The downside of growing some muscles is that you'll gonna have to say goodbye to those gym outfits that are no longer comfortable.

My other gym pants had slightly ripped while I was squatting down last week. I got so worried I when I heard the stitches, I thought I was going to have a wardrobe malfunction, lol. So now am left with this one gym pants. 😂

What's funny is that, I have to take a shower with my gym clothes so I can wash and rinsed it while taking a shower, and hope that it will dry tomorrow. 😁

As long as it's still comfy to wear, I won't be buying new one, especially the good quality gym outfits is way too expensive.

What's your favorite fitness outfit brand?


I do agree with you but washing them all the time can be a big hassle!
I found the uniqlo's sportswear affordable yet durable, maybe you want to take a look. :)

Sometimes when I don't feel like washing my clothesline every time after I wear the..

I haven't seen any fitness clothes that I really like at uniqlo's, maybe I'll again next time.

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I feel ya! :D
well uniqlo pretty much works for my taste and needs! :) <3

Whats with you getting all beefy? You trying to go up a weight class for boxing? You tryna be the next thriller in Manila?

Hahaha all of the above? Haha

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Oh no, that' kind of funny!

I am pregnant and am down to two dresses, and 1 pair of pants. Thankfully my shirts pull but still fit.

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Congrats! Do you know the gender yet?

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Yes! It is a girl. <3

OK, get some new gym pants with lots of different color and wear type of gym work by color matching. Thats not help you to get fit but impact on your mind everyday! 🦸‍♀️✌️

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Hehe once I find a perfect fit 😊

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Hahaha! 😂 That's a funny story. 😂 Maybe you can buy some good gym outfits at 2nd hand shops?! (I'm just guessing. 😜)

Maybe not a good idea to buy 2nd hand gym clothes unless they still look new and just paranoid coz you know how much people sweat when they wear fitness clothes

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Oh yes. I didn't think of that fact. Hahaha! 😂

In Venezuela, everything is expensive my beautiful friend @purepinay, to dress sometimes it is less expensive to buy the fabric, and to have the clothes made (pants and flannels). A hug

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Omg maybe I should try to buy my fabric and have the tailor sew it for me... I have to see first if it's cheaper that way

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