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RE: West Ham 5th in Premier League

in #football2 years ago

great game that was Sébastien Haller was awesome a 20million buy? worth the the two goals. sad about Arnautovic leaving for China. Haller did carry the whole team in the match in my opinion .
My favourite team is Arsenal so lets see how it goes.
I have placed a bet on Everton / West Hamm to win on the ‘Betting without the big six’
By the way Wolves could be a dark horse in the league.

P.s @stimp1024 we miss your betting contests and miss your posts too. Hope you are fine and well.


Good luck with the bet! I think there is a new tribe for contests so I may well bring them back, my account was getting flagged by @steemcleaners so it appeared they weren't happy with my giveaways, but these tribe coins may be the answer. I did stop them but it seems they have no brains, well no proof of brain and they are effectively just a down vote bot. Sad we have groups like that who purport to have the best interests of steem at heart and demand quality and proof of brain for curating yet cannot be arsed to do it themselves!