Not great with titles. My sports fan story?

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Love for sports (all kind of sports :) ) comes from my father. He played football for our local club for years and was a coach when they were in 4 league in our country (3th was the best we ever did, then it all fell apart and now we suck). So as i kid on TV i watched cartoons and sports. We only had 3 tv stations in that period, so you watched what was on :D

For some strange reason i do love to participate in sports too. Was never great at any of them, but my love could be seen from the fact that i dislocated my knee 4 times playing football. My weight and unfitness was not a good combination. So i stuck on a place where all fat kids end up, being a goalkeeper :) think i developed a talent for it in all those years.

My first football team that i remember i loved was AC Milan, they had a great generation at the time, but all i knew is they had a great striker named Marko so that was kinda enough for me :D (Marco van Basten :) ). Basketball was also a thing for us kids and from that period i know we all loved Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and crazy ass Dennis Rodman. In that period Vlade Divac was in NBA and that was probably why we got NBA games and reviews on our national TV. Also F1 was a thing and i know i loved Ayrton Senna.

In the late 90thies and beginning of 2000ts we got few more private TV stations and one of them had Premier league matches. And i think they did 4 games for a weekend. Arsene Wenger was already in Arsenal, and he changed the game for them. As they played great football a lot of games on TV were where they played. One of the things that i remember we all discussed on the field was the Iceman's goal against Newcastle:

I was still not an Arsenal fan. One of the games that i remember thinking "this is the club i want to watch whenever i can" was against Everton:

You could say that i was a fan of Arsenal but there was not that much passion. I watched games whenever i could, but nothing more. Then the Tribes are coming to the picture. In 2007 i discovered local (Serbian) Arsenal Fan forum. And it changed my feel for it. Being able to share your views with people that love the game as much as you do, sharing opinions about the game, moaning about your team when they suck, following new about new players. It made me more interested in all of it, and more passionate. I feel that Tribes (or communities when they come out) could do that for people here on Steem. It is all on steem but it is much easier to find people that are interested in the same things as you are. I have a feeling that next season of Premier league will be more interesting for me because of sportstalk even if Arsenal would suck, and by things happening on the transfermarket it probably will :D

For many, it is a weird thing to support a club that you never watched live, and probably never will (prices of flights, tickets... even the possibility to get UK visa), but it is my club.

How did you started supporting your favourite club?

Friend of mine, guitarist on many of my music related videos was on a business in London so i got this as one of the gifts :D



Nice! Football is king here in Malaysia and the EPL gets most all of the attention.

I'm just a fan of sport in general and have grown to have an appreciation for football over the years. As an American I was raised on American football, baseball, basketball, tennis, but oddly enough soccer of course as well call it is a rich kids sport. To be competitive requires lots of money and time to play on traveling club teams. The lack of talented athletes pursuing soccer can be seen today in the abysmal us men's teams efforts. For a nation of 300 million or so we really suck, and the MLS is where the great go to die...

The women however kick major ass and are untouchable, many reasons for this I suppose as to be honest if you played soccer when I was a kid in the 80s you were called a pussy and were alienated on the playground.

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i seen that they won the world cup. it is funny that here in serbia and i think Europe it was a man sport until maybe max 10 years ago.
i never had an opportunity to watch American football live, but i did watch some and got most of the rules 😀 for me it looks like a sport for everyone (thin, fat, big, small, everyone has a place) and so the popularity.
baseball is one of those sports that i am not sure why would anyone watch 😀 playing could be maybe fun.
tennis became big here with novak djokovic.
for 6mill people country we are pretty good at sports

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Nice write up. I know next to nothing about football... But I can appreciate where it's coming from. Cheers!

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