When Was The Last Time A Football Manager Resigned?

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Some sources are saying that Mauricio Pochettino is looking to be sacked. Why not resign then? No payday. That is why. The last time a top football manager resigned from a club is maybe Kevin Keegan back around a decade ago. It is just too lucrative. Look at Chelsea and all their managers that they paid off. It is nearly totalling 100 million in compensation.
After the defeat to Bayern Munich last week sources say that Poch did not set foot in the dressing room after the game. He left Kane and Loris to sort out the fall out from the heavy defeat. It is not the first time that the increasingly moody manager did this. After the champions league final loss in Madrid , Pochettino was so gutted to not left the cup that he went straight to his Barcelona home and failed to join the team on their way back to London.
The problem at Spurs seems to be that the senior players are becoming increasingly annoyed by their managers mood swings. He does wear his heart on his sleeve and I can see this happening. The players also find the training and his regime too rigid and after 5 years with no trophies some players are finding it too tough.
So let me ask you a question. Imagine if I told you that you can have a job. Very well paid but you need to be at the training ground every day for breakfast. You do not have days off until the summer holidays. Would you be happy?? Even while away for European trips away the Spurs players must report at 9am to their training ground. No matter what. They then have breakfast there and the manager ensures that they are all eating properly. Every single day. So if Tottenham are winning and in champions league finals then I can see how the players would buy into this. But after 5 years under the manager I can see how some players are hitting a wall and have given everything they can. Pochettinos press conferences before the champions league final upset some senior players. Threatening to leave the club after their hard slog for him did not go down well at all.
So the theory is that Pochettino has the choice of clubs to go to but the club will have to pay him millions if they sack him. If Manchester United get beat to Liverpool then maybe United would pay the compensation and then it is a win win for Spurs chairman Levy. He can then try to hire Aleggri who will then have a little whisper in Dybala's ear. It is rumoured Gareth Southgate could be in the mix but I would hate that personally. He is nowhere near the pedigree of Pochettino. Only time will tell but there will be no resignations in the premier league for a long time to come.


Mauricio Pochettino is the best thing to happen to spurs. he is above eriksen, toby, danny, etc. he deserves more power. he always seems like he would die for them. would them die for him? pock can make them actually "great" if levy would listen and the fans would have patience!

He’s a decent manager however Poch has a big ego. He will bomb any player for Kane also has won nothing. Mr Levy gonna sack him... oh Yh Moura scores a hat trick against Barcelona drop him for the next game. The Disrespect!

Nice write-up is an option for him to resign now because he didn't understand the situation in the club again. He just trying very year with trophy less. It high for pochettino to going.

I think pochettino loves the club somehow and he was looking to stay for a long period of time really, but i can't really say what's wrong at the club and well it could be that I'm wrong and he's waiting to be sacked to get that top pay.

If we're talking about who the last manager to resign altogether is, don't forget Zidane did that a couple years ago. But if you're referring to just England than you're almost certainly right about Keegan assuming someone that left a club to go to a better one at the same time doesn't count. (Example being Moyes resigned from Everton to go to United)

Yeah but united paid the compo..Zidane. good point

Doesn't that say more about the players we have at the moment rather than the manager. Imagine getting paid 100k a week and you as a player you have the cheek to complain about waking up early to kick a ball? I could do it for 10k.

These players are princesses. Whenever nothing is going right they figure they can sit on their laurels and get the manager fired otherwise how can you explain players winning 4-0 one week and losing to brighton 3-0 the next.

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I don't thinks because of all this they can sake him . And in real Madrid when zind resign is a great thing for him but can see now the club is still not working perfectly. I device pochettino to resign the is still with no trophy after many years. Thanks

I think it is pretty rare in a lot of sports that the manager would resign. The pay is just too good and the margin for error is also pretty big. Have a crappy year? Blame it on one of your players. They usually go before the manager. They either retire or they are fired. Not that common that they resign!

Managers don't resign this days because of the compensation they set to receive after been sacked or unless a bigger club comes knocking like in the case of Moyes(from everton to United) or Rodgers(from celtic to leicester).

In the case of pochettino, he is a frustrated figure at the club due to things going on in the club and issues with some players. I think he will drop his resignation letter once a bigger club comes calling. But till then, he'll stay put till toteham lets him go

United will pay put rest of his contract with a barrel of cash

United will pay
Put rest of his contract with
A barrel of cash

                 - blanchy.sports

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Pochettino realy love the clubs and that made him stay in a long period even having that problem.

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