What Profession Football Managers Would Have If They Were Not In Football?

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Twitter went crazy this afternoon when a guy @unrealxheridan put up a description of what every manager in the premiership would be doing if he was not managing a club. It has since gone viral. Let's take a look at some of the best ones.
Screenshot 20191113 at 21.52.25.png

Screenshot 20191113 at 21.53.03.png

Screenshot 20191113 at 21.52.44.png
This is by far my favourite because I have encountered many of his ilk trying to get into a nightclub.
Screenshot 20191113 at 21.53.19.png

Screenshot 20191113 at 21.53.27.png

Screenshot 20191113 at 21.52.54.png
Screenshot 20191113 at 21.52.33.png

Screenshot 20191113 at 21.52.08.png
The Rodgers one is quality.

And he then put up a few special requests of managers currently out of work due to popular demand. These old ones are great especially Wenger. You will get a laugh out of these

Screenshot 20191113 at 21.54.05.png
Mourinho would indeed have Brexit sorted out in a jiffy.

Screenshot 20191114 at 16.01.22.png

Screenshot 20191114 at 16.01.04.png

Screenshot 20191114 at 16.00.58.png

Screenshot 20191114 at 16.00.52.png

Give this guy a follow on Twitter. He is worth it.
Image Source. Twitter @unrealxherdan


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