What's Next for Gareth Bale under a Manager That Doesn't Want Him.

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It is crystal clear that relationships have not been great between Zinedine Zidane and Gareth Bale. Saying last week in a press conference that It would be good if Bale left Madrid.
Also he told reporters this week that Gareth refused to play a friendly against Bayern Munich. Bales agent labeled Zidane a disgrace for his treatment of the player also said that Bale will be going nowhere unless his contract is paid up. There are 3 years left on this (June 2022) and it is said to be worth 350k a week. If you do the maths you are talking around 18 million a year. So 54 million to get rid of a Ferrari is not good business for Madrid's chairman Fernando Perez who bought Bale in the first place to replace Ronaldo. Rumour has it that Zidane left the first time around for the clubs refusal to sell Bale.

So What Does Zidane Have Against Bale?

Even though Zidane never admitted the reason he wants to get rid of Bale but we need to look at Zidane's career first. He joined Juventus and jumped straight into the Italian culture, learning the language was very important so he could get on with the Italian players. He did the same when he was signed by Madrid learning Spanish even before he signed for them.
Take Bale, he is 5 years in Madrid and he still hasn't learnt the language. He doesn't mix with the players. They have their team meal at 11pm. Him and Toni Kross prefer to skip this as they stick to their traditional of bed early. Courtois gave an interview to 90 minute magazine saying they called Bale the golfer as he would prefer to go and play golf rather than bond with his team. Apparently Bale was fuming about the interview and it caused a major row in the dressing room. So it is clear to say Bale has not really went to the same lengths as Zidane to fit in with the team.
Zidane is also not happy with Bale playing so much golf as it goes against a players fitness regime regarding rests. Being out on the golf course all day is not considered resting and it is not going down well with the Frenchman. He also is concerned with his
Some managers like some players and some like others. That is life. Zidane wants more passing out of his team instead of direct football. Bale is a player that likes to take people on. Maybe not the style that Zinedine is looking for. That's just the way it is. It doesn't mean Gareth is any less a player. His bycycle kick in the champions league final last year proves that.

Bales Record

Bales fitness is always an issue at the Bernabeu. He is always getting niggles which leave him out for a few games and he never really gets going. Alot of fans are disgruntled with this and then have voiced their opinions with whistles last season. But how injured is the guy . Lets take a look at the best players over the years. We will include Madrid's messiah for obvious reasons.

Hmmmmmm so there is a myth dispelled right there. Bale has 100 goals in 5 seasons. He played 217 games. He has more goals than Figo and Zidane and is 4 behind Ronaldo. He has more titles than Figo and Zidane put together. His record is excellent actually.

So Where Do We Go From Here?

Well from Gareth's side he is living in paradise. Golf cluns near by on 600k a week gross. His family love it there. He doesn't read the papers so he is in his own little bubble. He loves it in Madrid and doesn't want to go anywhere. His agent has said that also. He will quite happily leave his contract run out it seems which is a waste of a special talent. Who can afford him though?
So Manchester United, Tottenham and Chelsea are rumoured to be interested. But they will not want to pay his massive wages. The only clubs that could pay that are in China but the transfer fee would have to be small and Perez is a business man. He doesn't want to leave his Ferrari go for the price of a Fiat. The most likely situation is that they will try to sell to China for a low transfer fee and then a premier league side or Bayern Munich will sweep in and take Bale for a steal. But for now there is nothing happening. Manager do not last long in Madrid. This is Zidane's second stint in charge and things still are not rosey in the garden between him and Perez so maybe Bale is waiting for a manager to get the sack. If he holds out for a few months things may change and he could keep his idealic lifestyle for another few year. Highly unlikely but you never know.


And now there is another element here. Asensio is out, most probably, till the end of the season. And Bale had a great game against Arsenal. Scoring a goal, clearing a ball from a goal line and overall good performance (well except that terrible penalty).

Zidane did come out and say nothing has changed. Maybe Spurs will swap him for Erikson

but than there is his paycheck. but i do see real trying to do that

But than there is his
Paycheck. but i do see real
Trying to do that

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I think it is a poor showing that he hasn't learnt the lingo and skips the team meal. I would expect two to three seasons you would have picked up the basics. How many foreigners play in England and they are fluent in no time. I think he will be sold back to England and one of the top 4 will scoop him. Chelsea can't due to their ban, so it is Tottenham or even Liverpool who may pick him up. United wont take him as Bale wants trophies or let us say Bale won't choose United for that reason.

Yeah Pepe demands all his foreign players speak english in the dressing rooms. He should really be speaking Spanish by now. I dont know will spurs go for him. I cant see how he will fit in now but you never know.

I’ve got more chance of signing for Spurs than Gareth Bale!

Zidane really needs Bale especially considering Asensio's injury but I don't know how he can get to work with a player of such character.

Well able is actually a good trainer and is quiet. He just cant speak the lingo and loves his golf.

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You can’t tell me that Zidane doesn’t rate Bale because he won’t go out for a midnight paella? It might be nice for him to do so but it’s unlikely that it will be the defining factor in his future at the club. Let’s say it was the other way round and Bale was a fluent Spanish speaker, was the life and soul of the party and had a tattoo across his forehead that read “Barcelona suck” but had only scored half the number of goals, would ZZ be building his team around him?

Zidane was in charge when the club extended Bale’s contract 3 years ago so if his failure to adapt to the Spanish culture was a big problem then presumably they would have sold him then rather than decide to give 600k a week to play golf.

This is the same club and supporters that even criticised Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the greatest players of the modern era. They are basically not very nice people and they will use their connections within the Madrid based media to plant any story they like.

There is less than 1% chance of Spurs signing him this summer, he just doesn’t fit the manager’s plan nor does he fit the blueprint of a player with resale value not to mention the issue of money.

But it wasn't Zidanes decision to extend Bales contract. And one of the reasons why he left was because of Bale and Ronny being sold. Perez extended Bales deal. And even now the two at Madrid are arguing over signing Pogba. Zidane wants him and Perez would prefer Erikson. You are right , the club is a mess. And Marca are saying from their sources that he is pissed off that Bale cant speak tbe language and does not integrate with the team. It's a big problem. Sanchez at United is the same. Hes a loner and its showing. I said he wouldn't fit in at Spurs now but stranger things have happened. I'd way prefer Dybala sign for Spurs this year. What % would you give that deal happening?

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Maybe 30% chance. It's quite late in the window to try and push through such a big transfer, there's obviously interest there but whether the clubs can agree on a price and whether the Dybala transfer will have any relevance to Eriksen going in the other direction remains to be seen. Also if a player of Dybala's quality is available then I can't imagine we are the only side who will show an interest

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