6 Years And Going Backwards

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If you had a sports team worth $3.8 Billion would you put a nobody running your club? In essence that is what United have done with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as he did not have the resume or experience to do the job that was expected of him. To be fair anyone managing this club was going to fail taking over this role.

Alex Ferguson was there for 27 years from 1986 -2013 and looking around there is only one other manager who came close to that length of time and that was Arsene Wenger who was with Arsenal for 22 years 1996 -2018. The funny thing is finding a replacement has not been easy as the expectations are that much higher. Most Premiership clubs have gone through 5 or 6 managers over their time in charge and getting the right one doesn't just happen.

United are 6 years on from the Ferguson period and are nowhere near being close to fixing their problems. Just think Arsenal have only just started and are into or about to go into having their second manager within 18 months. After years of so much stability these clubs failed to plan for a proper successor and are now paying the price.
December is going to be a rough month, actually every month could be rough month unless they get their shit together.

It has puzzled me why they haven't bought the likes of Ferguson back to fix the glaring issues and to ease a new manager into the job. Having an experienced head being hands on is better than having one watching in the stands. He still goes to the matches and surely his input is needed right now. I blame him for the problems the team is having now as he could see what was coming and left it to others to fix.
Looking really old and kind of reminds me of the late Bobby Robson.

Solskjaer is the 5th manager in 6 years if we count Ryan Giggs as well who was a caretaker. Moyes, Van Gaal and Mourinho had loads of experience yet they failed ,so what chance did Solskjaer really have. The club has spent six long years trying to get the right person and have thrown tons of money getting new players, but they are no closer to the day Ferguson left. I would say they are further behind as they are no longer a team ,but a mix of players that each manager has just added. Solskjaer has the worst record out of all the previous 4 managers and surely decisions need to be made soon. Personally I don't care as I don't support them so the longer they keep him the better.

Six years and the way the club is going it will be 6 more years or God knows how long until they are a force again. Nothing is ever guaranteed in life and like football the same applies. Being a big club doesn't entitle you to anything and the risk now is the new generation in the Premiership does not have a fear factor playing at Old Trafford and some teams will see it as points lost if they draw or lose. How low ca they go is what I am asking now and I still think they are too high in the league and expect to see them around 15th at some point soon as that is the reality of how poor they really are.


That is kind of what happened with the Tigers several years ago. The put Brad Asmus at the helm and he had very little experience. We had a huge payroll too with names like Cabrerra, Verlander, and others on the roster. It was a team with a ton of potential, but he wasn't able to do anything with it. Chances are with a more seasoned coach things might have been different. Now that we have one, they have had to trade everyone away to lower the payroll...

That was a good lineup, but you can't really compare teams. ManU has had a much longer history of winning and has a much larger market.

Sounds like the Yankees :P

I guess the problem is with Woodward who keeps leaving in denial most of the signings have been emergency signing so he should take some share of the blame

How can you blame Alex Ferguson? He was there 26 years. He brought them many trophies. He has even consulted to help. Let the man retire!

Lol. Wasn't his fault entirely as the club should have had an idea when he was going to retire and had a plan in place. I had no idea he has offered to help, but then again will a new manager take him up on his offer.

The club definitely should have had a plan.

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