Breaking Records

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Klopp in German is hammer which he is certainly doing to the other teams this year.

Liverpool beat Tottenham yesterday 1-0 and in the process they broke a record. They have played 21 games in the league and have won 20 games and drawn only 1 giving them a tally of 61 points. This is the highest score after 21 games by any team in any of the 5 other European Leagues.

I think this shows really how dominant they have become as other teams may remain unbeaten like Liverpool have done it is rare to have so many victories. Arsenal 's invincibles managed 49 games in total before they had their first loss. Liverpool now stand on 38 with a carryover from the season before and it is possible they could do this rare feat.

Arsenals run in the league that season which is 38 games was 26 wins and 12 draws which was a total of 90 points. Liverpool should easily surpass the points total if they can achieve the unbeaten season. Mathematically Liverpool could still botch the league title and they are not home and dry just yet.

Liverpool are 17 points clear of Manchester City with 17 games to go. If City win every game from here on in Liverpool only need 12 wins to secure the title. Every match they win from now on makes the job that much easier putting more pressure on the likes of Manchester City and Leicester to perform every week just to stay constant.

Liverpool are holding all the aces right now as only they can throw this opportunity away. I think after throwing away a lead last season ad succumbing to City they have learned to deal with pressure and know exactly what is needed to get the job done. This is a serious team with a seriously good manager who are going to make sure the dream happens this year. After all it is only 30 years since Liverpool last won the title and is a little overdue.

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Currently now, liverpool really seems unstopable with their form and with the eay they are going now. It is entertaining watching their match

Liverpool It's great to be able to win

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Klopp have succeeded in building a working machine in the Liverpool team with player coming in and performance not dropping. One would think that in the absence of Fabinho who became a cog in the Liverpool's midfield that the team would struggle but no the keep grinding out results like the one against Tottenham. It's all in Liverpool's hands now and the have the potential to break and create more records

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