Honeymoon Period

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I wasn't shocked to see Tottenham win today even though the last 12 premiership away games have always ended in a loss or a draw. This is what happens when a new manager takes over and is seen as a honeymoon period. The first job is to get the players playing as one team.

Mourinho has only been on the training ground for a few days so it is not as though he has added much as he hasn't had the time. The players mindsets have changed and they know they are now playing for their places under the new manager. If they don't impress him they will be benched and moved on and sold. That is the reality the whole squad is now facing and it should never have to get to this point.

When Solskaer took over at United they went on a good run and everyone thought he was their savior. That is not the case though as the original problem that is underlying the whole team will raise it's ugly head at some point and then everything is back to how it was. United went on a 10 game unbeaten run and expect Tottenham under Mourinho to do something similar. Just think if a team had 3 managers in a season they should finish quite high up the table.
Treating the players as they are his kids may work to bring them on board. Players may have felt a lack of affection from Pochettino in the last 6 months or so. If the players think the manager doesn't give a toss then why should they.

What I find frustrating is Spurs aren't a bad team on paper and they possibly need to have one or two decent defenders and they would be challenging for the top spots. the game today highlighted their defensive frailties and now Mourinho knows exactly what he needs to do this week. One thing he can do is park a bus in front of his goals as he has done this many times before.

The pressure is on him now until the end of the season as he needs to at least find a top four position for the team. Playing in Europe is what it is all about and where the extra funds will come from. I am sure the Chairman Levy will have promised him something if he can get them into Europe for next season. Spurs are in the champions League currently and even with Mourinho's magic I can't see them going very far once the knockout stages start. I could be wrong but after what Bayern did to them in October I have my doubts if the defence can be fixed in time to keep out the top teams.

I always thought Mourinho would end up at Spurs or Arsenal and if Mourinho had waited a week or two I think he could have had a difficult decision on his hands. Arsenal drew and were lucky to draw today against Southampton who are the second bottom team. Emery of Arsenal and Da Silva of Everton are my next bet for a managerial change as how long can these teams carry on like they are.

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As an arsenal supporter, I would have loved to see him arrive at the Emirates. I think Emerys time is done, we've gone backwards under him!

I love that theory of honeymoon period. Because honeymoon does not last forever, after the players have been able to prove their worth to the coach and he's established his own favorites, they might go back to status quo. Hopefully Mourinho can prove the theory wrong about his time with Spurs.