Lingerie Football League

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Another weird take on a sport sport that I didn't know existed. Once you start to look around there is plenty of weird stuff happening around the world. It looks like a load of cheerleaders got bored and decided to start their own league and not wear much at the same time. I can see it being fairly popular especially with the male audiences.

I thought it was just a gimmick but they have a league so it is not just a one off match. The League started in 2009 as the Lingerie League and was rebranded as the Legends League. The girls take it seriously and most of them are athletes from various sporting codes.
Not what i was expecting ,but I still think it is wrong. If they want to play then let them wear what the men wear. Then I suppose the popularity would disappear.

The League came about as a half time alternative for the Super Bowl viewers who didn't want to watch the adverts. This was a pay per view extra. The concept was expanded from an extra to a 10 team league in 2009.


When the league changed to the Legends League in 2013 the dress code changed and it was decided to wear "performance" apparel. I have no idea what this is then as it still looks a bit skimpy. They now where all the various padding and helmets.

The game is full contact and is 7 a side so basically one player less than the men. No kick offs to start the game. The game has 4 x 10 minute quarters with a break of 12 minutes for half time.


The girls don't get paid as such and receive a portion of the ticket sales. This varies from match to match and the highest viewing game so far had 280 000 viewers on pay per view. The average games see 50 000 viewers tune in on a Saturday night. Canada and Australia have now rolled out their own leagues.

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I often try to watch this game.
Yeah you are right,I don' have idea about the game and how to play it.But,I watch the female's one...
May be, it is the trick for improving their popularity but, I agree with you that, It should think about their own wishes about dress.

lol, saw this and thought it was one of @battleaxe's posts at first. Good stuff matey.

This one certainly caught my eye in the feed! :D

Looks like they pull in reasonable attendances for the games - there must be a lot of skill and technique happening, or is there another reason i wonder...

Loads of skill obviously.

I will play that one, but have to do my research first and watch that a bit lol

Now we are talking! How can I join finally an awesome US sport 😁😎?

@uwelang, hello my friend from TSU :D
You want to join, huh? :)))

Great sport to watch. I can't believe you only finding out about it now.


This Is quite interesting . So such sport do exist but how come it is not that popular

@cryptoandsports @cryptoandcoffee , dunno if it mattters at all but this guy is on cheetah /steemcleaners hardcore

Had no idea. Thank you for that.

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you don't get on that list for one post and a rep of 6, just saying...know people in there
you can go and talk to them maybe? dunno but a single post doesn't tag ya like this. Cryptoandcoffee is one of the best/succesful peeps on here, maybe see how he does it, Have a great day

I am not sure, people will watch sports of this kind or their attention will be somewhere else!!

you don't think some check out the males in tight ass outfits :P
goes both ways, gender equality, lulz :)

I guess my comment is "NO COMMENT" :) What can I say here?

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OH my god, I need this. Or neeed to sponsor this or something. Can I get them to play in my house? I have a big lounge? They could play there?


what no porn token tag?

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Soon to become an Olympic discipline my dearest hope - however would eb only every 4 years, not good. Can we create a sportstalksocial league led by @battleaxe :-)?

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Is this really still around? I remember when it first came out there was a ton of hype and then it just kind of fizzled out. I never really heard about it again until you posted this. Crazy stuff!

ha! I never heard of this sir cryptoandcoffee! I think it's one of the dumbest ideas ever! Which means it will probably succeed!