The Next Boss?

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A long list of possibilities, but who would be mad enough to accept this challenge. Over the last 6 years the club Manchester United has hired and fired 5 if you include Ryan Giggs (caretaker) and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer who hasn't been fired yet and still has his job. How long though as it can't be long.

The problem is the expectations are just too high for a club with a dismal squad. The managers since Ferguson's departure haven't been given the time required to turn around the clubs fortunes on the field. If they are honest with themselves this is a 3-5 year plan and if they had just stuck with one of them who knows where they would be right now.

Mourinhio wasn't a bad manager and didn't become a bad manager overnight as his track record speaks for itself. Unfortunately he is a manger who can add to a team and improve it, but I don't think they, Van Gall and the others realised how bad things were there. The team needs rebuilding from scratch with the exception of a few youngsters. Adding one or two big names every year has made the fans happy ,but the team has become weaker.

Looking at the list of candidates no one stands out in my opinion who could take on this mammoth task and come out the other side successful. Maybe Allegri as he really wants this position and has been waiting on hold for nearly 1 year now according to reports.

What Rodgers has done at Leicester has attracted attention, but then Leicester wasn't a bad team and needed direction. They one the premiership title a short while ago and the core of that team is still there. Pochettino I can see going to Real Madrid at some point and I believe that is where he will end up so he won't take on this position when it comes available.

United like to add a name and maybe will jump for the likes of Zinedine Zidane who may be able to lure bigger named players to the club. Whatever manager they decide on needs to be able to attract players as the current team and it's position in the league is not a selling point. The club is going to have to overpay for players as that is the reality of their situation. Players move as they want to further their careers by winning titles and trophies and nothing is coming to Old Trafford anytime soon.

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I think Jose Mourinho, he will be "one of the greatest managers in the world"

The records speak for itself. He won trophies everywhere he went. Manchester isn’t even at their best yet. However He won trophies with that bad team. That’s how good he is.

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It really takes nerves to accept the Manchester United job after all what has happened to the previous coaches.

I am a United fan and still believe Mourihno would have been given time to rebuild.

I think United made a bad decision sacrificing mourinho for Pogba!!!

Mourinhio wasn't a bad manager and didn't become a bad manager overnight as his track record speaks for itself.

I just hope my beloved mourinho can return hehehe, it is going to be hard for any manager who has made a name to come to United and risk being sacked in less than 2 years.

I have a feeling Ole want last long before he is sacked especially after Liverpool loss(I predict a humiliating loss hahaha)..

Great points. I would venture to guess that United is probably "the" most well known club worldwide. As I mentioned in my other comment people are fans that have probably never even watched them play a game before. I know I have seen plenty of people wearing jerseys that probably have no clue about the team itself.

Honestly, I don't think it matters who they bring in if they aren't willing to give them time to rebuild the team. This is so common in so many sports and to often managers, coaches, etc are giving ample time to make any difference.

Not sure, do they think these guys are miracle workers?

Really? Is Wenger on that list? I thought he was in a nursery already...

Mourinho definitely wasn't a bad manager, I think his abilities to manage players was where he had problems and Paul Pogba was his Achilles heel, it was unfair to him. I see pochettino as the person who might be likely to get the job I mean his experience counts