What Is The Problem?

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Something wrong with this as where are the referees? School kids don't count and experience is needed and it isn't an under 25 job either.

Video Assistant Referee or VAR is still in the news every Monday. The games over every weekend highlight more and more issues that should never be issues. The reality is it is a complete shambles with know one standing up from the FA demanding action.

The Premier League is already 11 games into the season and the same complaints are being raised after every round of matches. The decisions have been so bad that some e players are raising the question whether it is being done on purpose. I kind of agree with this as otherwise what else is going on? Are the ones who are so incompetent being fired? If you can't get a decision right using a slow mo then you shouldn't be making decisions.

Rugby has got it right. If the on field referee isn't happy with the TMO's decision he has it played on the stadiums big screen. This is not difficult if you know your job which is why I think there is something else going on behind the scenes.
All the FA has to do is bring in one top referee as the ones in England are obviously not capable and have this man oversee all decisions. He could do all the weekend fixtures from anywhere in the world and get them all right.

Referees don't like to be criticized at the best of times especially if it is their chosen career. Having their decisions questioned by VAR is not what they want as it could highlight serious errors.

It is starting to look like a ploy to show everyone it can't work and possibly have it scrapped. Referees are assessed after every game by an ex referee or assessor watching the game. The grades received will effect their career paths and maybe this is how they are protecting each other.

Surely a referee isn't being judged for a wrong decision if it is overturned by VAR or maybe it is. It would make sense if they are being marked down for VAR reversals and why very few are being turned over. Protecting the boys club and their careers maybe is what is going on and they wont admit this. Thinking about most of the over turns they have been for off sides which isn't the referee, but the linesman. Very few referee decisions have been overturned.

As far as I am concerned if a referee is making too many errors and VAR is fixing them then it is doing no harm as long as that particular referee is learning and improving. Everyone is human and some mistakes can be forgiven as seeing everything that is going on with the speed of the game is difficult.
Referee doesn't rely on others this way so no scape goat if he gets it wrong.

I know when I was refereeing if a mistake was highlighted I would welcome it as the right decision is always the correct one. The more I am seeing what is going on and now talk of monitors on the side of the field for the on field referee to view his own decision it is forcing them down a road they don't want to travel. Firstly he would have to reverse the original decision if incorrect saying he has made the mistake and if he doesn't rectify it he has a double black mark.

I would love to know what the truth is as they haven't come out with it yet. How and why they are making such a mess of this technology that has been bought into help the game improve is mind boggling. It has to be something stupid like their assessments and will just show how incompetent and unprofessional the referee set up really is.

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I definitely agree with you on this one. Like I have watched games upon games where the VAR seems to be a mess. Like, why are we having a good technology like that in the field if play when it's aim is not yet achieved. Matches upon matches, it's either it's causing more pains or harm to the club, players, fans and the referee.

VAR had helped much on decision of refree. I think it's a great innovation in football game. I foresee greatness in it

I'm not sure I agree with the conspiracy theory, I'm much more of the opinion that VAR is crap because the administrators running football are crap - they couldn't organise a conspiracy if they were present at the Illuminati's AGM with special guest speaker John.F.Kennedy being held at the Watergate Hotel on 9/11!

Lol. I hope you are right as it just seems to simple to cock up.

VAR in my opinion has been more of a backward decision rather than an improvement I feel one day referees might not even be needed anymore and football Will be ruined really. I however hope it will be to improve referee because if not the referees will be replicating every of VAR's decision because of fear of losing reputation

Referees have to be part of the game and you can't get rid of them. The English premiership referees are doing a good job of maybe forcing this issue, but it can't happen. The human element has to stay.

It has some teething problems but in the end I think it will be a good thing once they get it right . I agree with you . The ref should be calling on VAR and nkt the other way around . Plus I would get a few retired refs in to look at the games .

The referee has to call the VAR to double check his decision. If that isn't happening already then there is a problem. You don't want every call to be going upstairs, but how hard can this be?

I say we need more female officials. They are always right! I don't mean that sarcastically either. I really think that there needs to be more and I was really excited when that one got to officiate a World Cup game last year wasn't it? That was awesome!

I don't think gender is the problem here. There aren't many females officiating in a male dominated world of sport. It must be extra tough for them and if they make it through then they must be good. It isn't difficult to make the right decision and these guys running this circus are a bunch of muppets.

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