Zlatan Ibrahimovic Legless

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Zlatan really loves himself to death.

Zlatan started his career with a club in Sweden called Malmo before he ventured on to the world stage. The supporters thought the world of him as he was one of their own and followed his every move. He was looked up to by everyone so much so they had a statue made of him which was unveiled in October 2019.
Mr Popular for the month of October 2019.

The statue depicted Zlatan standing on the top of the world with a list of clubs that he has played for and what trophies and awards he has won. The upkeep of the statue would be paid for by taxpayers each year. Zlatan being Zlatan wasn't so smart in his next move as the following month after the statue was unveiled he became a part owner in an opposing team to Malmo football club and bragged that he would make that club, Hammarby IF the best club in Scandinavia.

No more Mr Popular after buying into part ownership of rival football club Hammarby IF. What was he thinking?

Bad timing for the statue as it was changed from bronze to a white paint job overnight as vandals touched him up for the first time. One month later after the statue had been cleaned up at the city's expense he had a leg sawn off. After that he was spray painted into silver and then lost his nose followed a few days later by having his toe amputated. Surely the statue was not going to last much longer as the Malmo bunch were really pissed off with him.

He had a paint and nose job at the same time.


This week the statue was toppled completely by vandals and finally removed by the cities officials. Whoever was doing the repair work must have been upset as he would have had a job for life. The latest is it will be repaired and kept indoors somewhere for safety reasons.
Not to be outdone the Chileans played around with Alexis Sanchez a few days ago. Not quite the same as Alexis hasn't upset anyone that I know of and this is just a case of vandalism.
At least his statue lasted 2 years having been unveiled in 2017.

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Zlatan the lion. The one who talks with 110% confidence without no fear. He is not fearing anybody

That is the way of behaving of zlatan. He does what he love best without no one to hold blame for. I just love his self confidence so much

Wow, people take this all a bit too seriously don't they? All we do over here is burn peoples jerseys :)

I for one, I completely do not like zlatan really, I think he's immortalised himself as a football god, I think he's spectacular, I think he's phenomenon but he's not in the range of the Ronaldo's of this world

In my country people got convicted for 5 years just for climbing up the pedestal. Imagine what would happen if caught vandalizing a statue.