Ronaldinho is in BIG financial trouble with the Brazilian authorities

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The two-time World Player of the Year & Brazilian national team legend has recently had 57 properties seized and his passports confiscated over unpaid taxes and fines.


$2.5 Million Fine

This legal prosecution began when Ronaldihno paid to have a pier illegally constructed at his lake house in the city of Porto Alegre. On top of that, he is also being pursued by creditors seeking to recover $2 million in other debts such as taxes.

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The details are scarce.

The case is under judicial secrecy rules, so none of this news can be confirmed officially. However the local newspaper has released reports from an insider.

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The memories I have

I had a Ronaldinho #brazil jersey when I was a teen, I wore it to school proudly all the time. Ronaldinho was the World Player of the Year for two years in a row (2004 and 2005). He played his best years of football with the Spanish mecca #barcelona. He even won the 2002 World Cup Final vs #germany alongside other Brazilian superstars Ronaldo, Kaká, Roberto Carlos, Rivaldo, and team captain Cafu. Although Ronaldinho only scored two goals through the seven WC wins that year (most ever) that Brazil had during the 2002 tournament.

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Net Worth = $110 Million

With all of that money, these fines should be easy to pay off. Especially since Ronaldinho is said to charge $180,000 for a single promotional Instagram post. Also, we must not forget the fact that Ronaldinho launched his own #esports #cryptocurrency back in 2018 (source). I think this memorable footballer is going to be just fine.

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Do you think Ronaldinho will get away from these financial troubles?
Leave your comments below, this is #sportstalk after all.


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Everyone seems loving Ronaldinho exept his government. I finally can reward you for your quality posts. I'm an orca now in sportstalk and I may stake even more. lol I really enjoy the community here. But, I see that there is not enough original content here, I want to see it more. We need more creators like you. ☺

I agree with you 100%. I think the gov has something against Ronaldinho. There must be some facts that we aren’t getting from the news outlets.

I appreciate your upvote. Glad to see you continuing to believe in #sportstalk. I know what you mean though, most people just share links to articles or post videos that are not their own. It takes more time to do something original, but it’s just such a higher quality when you put in that effort.
I will continue to post, I hope it will inspire others to do something original.

Your comment means a lot dude.

I have a belief Dinho will be fine with all what is happening!! I even have a belief that if he comes out and asks for support from people to bail him out, he can be helped instantly.. I could also donate hehehe.

Ronaldinho made football interesting, he made it easy. Yes people say that Messi and Ronaldo are the best, but truth be told Dinho is a legend.

I can write a lot about him ,but let me just stop hehehe. He will be alright i know .

I think you’re correct.

He’s my favorite player of all time. His handles and happiness were both top-tier. Sounds like we both have many great memories watching this legend own the pitch.

That's unfortunate to hear.

But hell crazy, building a port in your own house is a crazy thing!

I love that man, he was one of the people who built Messi. He's an amazing player and a friend. Brings back the memory of his greatness.

Aside from his talent, I fell in love with his humility. Truly a legend in the making.

You said that so well. I will never forget Ronaldinho and the happiness he brings to football.

This is not the first time government will be going full force on Ronaldinho. Yet, he comes out unscathed each time.

I trust he will be fine, but then I believe he could also be doing stuff to attract and invite authorities to call him out. Or what else would make him relevant for his $180k Instagram charges other than being controversial?.

He is a beast! Nobody can touch him, just like when he played football.

180k is a lot of money for IG promo.

Yes, very tactical and strategic. I wonder if we can still see such beautiful individual display in football anymore

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Hope that Dinho could get out in this sad story of his life. Dinho paved the way for star playes right now he is a legend.

I have a feeling this news is just an attempt to lambast Ronaldinho. From what I know of him he does many things for his people & he’s always smiling. He’s involved in #crypto, so that’s a good sign that the government officials do not approve of his lifestyle.

Yes he may have broken some rules, but are taxes and limits on where/what you are allowed to build even good rules to have?

Wow I didn't know that Dinho is involved in crypto thats a goodnews, yeah I agree looks like its just another of the moves that the government officials always. Here in the philippines they also did that to Manny Pacquiao :)

Oh by the way I tagged you in post if that's alright? we need a support for a basketball community we are going to build here on sportstalk :)

Yea totally that’s fine by me. You know I love basketball.

Here is an article about his cryptocurrency :

I remember the Pacquio attacks, things like that really make me mad. Trying to tear someone down who has worked hard their entire life, that’s just lame. Only the weak do things like that.

Sup champ! This bill will be nothing for Ronaldinho. Bad publicity is always the best one. Check out my latest push ups champ. Regards.

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I have the same feeling. Just an attempt to bring a wealthy and positive human being back down to the average level. Not going to work, there are too many people just like him. The revolution is underway.

Absolutely right. When you are a celebrity. Bad publicity is also good publicity. Now, he will trend for some time again.

Happened to Messi was about to happen to Cristiano and now Ronaldinho? All the same it's no big deal for Ronaldinho. He will definitely sort things out

All 3 are some of the greatest players ever. I see a pattern here.