My Personal NCAA Football Week 10 Highlights


         Week 10 of NCAA college football ended this weekend. I have to say, things are getting rather interesting. I do follow local sports from time to time as well as teams from back home. I prefer college football over NFL because schools seem to be more relatable than cities. That's with exceptions, of course.

         Anyhow, I wanted to share some highlights from some of the games I caught some glimpses this weekend. The score banners are from ESPN, if anyone is curious.


         I'm not a Utah fan, but many of my coworkers are. The Utes have done well this year. The only blemish on their record is the cursed loss against USC in LA. I read somewhere that they have not won against USC in LA since World War I. If that's not a curse I don't know what is.

         The win against Washington, along with Oregon's beating on USC, places Utah as first in PAC-12 South. As long as the Utes win out the rest of their conference games, they will have a shot at the PAC-12 title game.

         It has been a long road since they joined the conference in 2011. I know my friends at work would be celebrating if Utah can snatch the PAC title this year. They will most likely wind up in a prestigious bowl game even if they are not crowned PAC-12 champion.

         I gotta say, playing your rival (BYU) in the first game of the season was a bold move, but it paid off.


         BYU will forever be an enigma: winning games out of nowhere and awful in everything else. I did not think the Cougars had what it takes to bring down Utah State. Then, they wind up giving the Aggies a beat down.

         This season would have looked much better had BYU not thrown the games against Toledo and USF. The rest of the schedule looks winnable until they face off against San Diego State.

         Am I not seeing good results from Kalani Sitake? Well, who else are they going to hire to coach for the university? Regardless, BYU will likely be bowl eligible by the end of the season.

Game to look forward to


         I did mention that I am a Penn State fan at some point. If I didn't on Steem, now you know.

         Minnesota has been the quiet "underdog" all year. They are currently undefeated and leads Big Ten West. You know what they say about the quiet ones?

         Generally speaking, Big Ten East has been the stronger side of the conference. That's bias speaking, but think back to Wisconsin. Many thought they would be contenders this year only to have Ohio State dismantle them.

         Let's take a look at the Golden Gophers' schedule. They haven't even played against Iowa or Wisconsin. Penn State might shatter that undefeated facade next week. Of course, I am biased as a fan. Many of us think Ohio State is the only worthy opposition. But, upsets are common in college sports, so fingers crossed for the Nittany Lions.


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