Messi Shines Again!

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The best player in the world Lionel Messi, shines again as FC Barcelona pounced RCD Mallorca with the goals from the trio Messi-Suarez-Griezmann 5-2. Three of them came from Messi, making his night of celebration (Ballon d'Or) more memorable for everyone.

Antoine Griezmann opened the scoring on the 7th minute by an unusual assist by Ter Stegen who directly kicked the long ball forward and the Frenchman didn't wasted the chance. A usual chip in that make Barcelona lead 1-0 after 7 minutes.


Suarez added the scoring with one goal but what was magnificent was Lionel Messi's hat-trick. He completed the treble in front of Barcelona fans, just together the celebration of being the best player of the world. The world knows he's the best player in the world and goals keep coming for the Argentinian star.

Not only that, he created lots of chances for his teammates being one of the players with top assists. Barcelona are now tied in the standings with Real Madrid who both have 34 points a piece in the race. Barcelona's next match will be against Real Sociedad as visitors.


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5 goals are way to put everything to rest.
Everybody contributes to this win.
Mallorca always fall to relegation.

Agree, just that Messi never stops scoring goals and remember this is La Liga, very competitive league.

Messi is just going to prove that he is G.O.A.T in football.... This year he has crossed the performance of Ronaldo in a huge margin.

In fact Barcelona and Angentina, both are really lucky to have this weapon with them.

Indeed a GOAT. I totally agree, ever since from the start the way I look him is never different the way I feel now :)