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RE: Rabona thoughts after playing for a couple days and future daydreaming

in #football7 months ago

This sounds like a Championship Manager type game on HIVE? Great addition, I haven't looked at it but if there's a way to earn tokens with some fantasy football manager then that could be huge.

I reckon @cheese4ead, this will be up your alley!


Feel free to use my link brother lol :-) - I run out of my budgets :-)

Ha, thanks man, I am pretty useless at these football manager games. Tried playing when I was at uni but I just sucked and stuck to making music, when @cheese4ead comes back online, I'll make sure he uses your referral, think he'd love this!

Thx mate - you rock. Try it, is fun :-)

Yup. I already created an account and should have hit you up. !ENGAGE 30

It will basically just be Arsenal players minus some of the dog shit dead weight we have but still, Nicky Arteta has a nice ring to it as a manager name haha.

lol The players are randomly generated by the game. Mihavey Nickyteta

Haha they should definitely add that player name 😁

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