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RE: West Ham Heroes to Zeros

in #football2 years ago

It's nice to run into fans of teams like West Ham. Upton Park was one of the best experiences of my life and helped me become the fan of the entire premier league that I am today. West Ham are heading in the right direction. Don't let the carabao cup get you down. Foreign managers in particular have never taken it serious. Just look at Pochettino getting beaten by Colchester. The premier league is what matters to a club like this and Europe can be reached that way. A top 6 finish is completely possible. I'm new to steemit but my second post which was made yesterday was about them and Leicester in particular finishing in the top 6 and how they are in the same class as the others are (Liverpool & Man City aside) at this point. Pellegrini is a top manager. He's won. He's done great things in Spain with equivalent clubs to West Ham. Have faith friend! Top 6!