Arsenal wants to keep Bukayo Saka.

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It became known that Arsenal decided to negotiate a new contract with defender Bukayo Saka.

A source:

Arsenal management does not want the young English player, whose current agreement with the team is valid until the end of June 2021, to move to other top clubs. The English club intends to keep its pupil, who is vividly showing himself this season and is going to offer the player a new contract for a period of 5 years with a big increase in salary, as Liverpool and Manchester United are interested in the defender.

This season, Bukayo Saka played 25 matches for Arsenal in all tournaments, where the player was able to score 3 goals and make 7 assists. For the defender, whose task is to defend, this is amazing productivity and now Arsenal’s desire to leave the Bukayo Saka in his team is quite obvious to me.

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