Chelsea began negotiations with Borussia.

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There is new information that Chelsea began negotiations with the Dortmund Borussia on the transfer of striker German team Jadon Sancho.

A source:

Both clubs began a detailed discussion of the terms of the deal to transfer the young English player to the London club. However, before that it was known that Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United were also interested in Jadon Sancho, but apparently Chelsea showed a greater desire to get a player and the results of the negotiations will be known later.

This season, Jadon Sancho played 31 games for Borussia, where the striker was able to score 16 goals and make 17 assists. Yes, according to the young player’s performance, I see for sure that Jadon Sancho is a very talented football player and his career should be amazing, no matter in which club he plays.

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