Mauro Icardi will leave PSG.

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Interesting information appeared that PSG forward Mauro Icardi will not remain in the team after the lease expires.

A source:

The fact is that the player is not against moving to Real Madrid, but the player’s wife has an opposite opinion on this, she is also his agent for co-operation. Mauro Icardi left Inter due to a conflict with the club and at the moment it is not known whether the Paris club will buy the player’s contract from the Italian club, but the player’s agent can possibly influence this situation.

This season, the Mauro Icardi played 28 matches for PSG, where the player was able to score 19 goals and make four assists. For the striker, this is an excellent result and if I were in the place of the Paris Club, I would try to keep the Mauro Icardi in my team, since such a striker game can be very useful to PSG, but this is of course provided that the player himself wants it.

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